Compile .big with archive.exe?

I am able to extract .big files by running a command line prompt with:
“archive -a input\fileName.big -e output\myExtractedFile”

How would you compile your mod into a .big using a command line? I specifically want to be able to compile .big files for homeworld remastered without having to login to steam / upload mods. Is this possible with archive.exe? I have looked at the archive help description (run archive.exe in a command prompt to display info) and have tried various combinations of the arguments.

What should a build file look like? This appears to be a .txt file which gives instructions on what should build in your mod.

I’m not entirely sure what archivefile refers to since you should be creating a .big from raw data files in your mod (setting this to a directory gives a read error).

If anyone has any further knowledge on the subject, it would be greatly valued & appreciated.

You need this document:!NgZWVQbI!yll_qCBh1whcm8rZtCuhPE9afmevQYoqvqdadyt2UtQ