Complain About Fl4k Nerf Here

I don’t really understand the nerf to leave no trace. I get that it was pretty stupid and refunded a lot more ammo than expected. I paired it with The Butcher and literally only ran out of ammo by bad rng. But this re-trigger they put in makes no sense whatsoever. 2 seconds makes the skill worthless. Utterly useless. You can shoot through a revolver magazine and reload in two seconds. You’re basically telling us that you have one extra shot every time you shoot and reload. That SUCKS, dude. This does not balance the skill. This removes a build path, limits your guns that coincide with your skills, and forces you to change your playstyle. Which is not the reason I play borderlands games. I’d recommend rescinding the re-trigger and doing something a bit more subtle like reducing the chance for refunded ammo. Something that makes the crit build still usable if you still want to bring it in line.