Complaining about gear farming

I dont understand most of these forms. BL is a loot grind just like D2 was. I spent years farming mephesto because it was hardcore on the RNG when looking for specific God rolls.

I watch movies while farming on the PS4 to get past the loading screens but I found a formula that works for me.

I dont understand people who just expect to get the god gear immediately; however a lot of games are following the participation trophy model.

I’m also loving the GC nad even without the anot and watching things melt. I was critical about it but than I started using it and I actually started using grenades again. This halloween event is fun even though I finished the event on day 1 but the different terror gear builds are great. Stop complaining and have some fun or go find another game to bring you joy.


I don’t like farming in Xbox because I spent most of my time on the loading screens but I still do it because I have to. With Xbox Series X, that should alleviate a lot of pain

I agree that legendary / god rolls should take you time to farm or be really really lucky to get one. But is that system efficient and practical for everyone? For the business? Just because I agree it doesn’t mean I won’t question my biases.

People complain. I think it’s equally fair for some people to air their grievance against farming. There’s some hardcore players who hate that things are easy to melt now btw.


I enjoyed the D2 grind but hated when Stone of Jordan hacks came out as a currency. I remember when I was a noob I traded a Shaftshop with a Bartuc’s Claw. I was in dire need of Bartuc’s lol

People are more upset about REFARMING all their super rare items for the 5th time than anything else. Level cap constantly gets increased.

They’re more upset about refarming than farming itself. They don’t have a problem with farming for hours as long as they don’t have to do it every 3 months all over again because their gear is worthless after each level cap increase.


I can agree with this, they should be adding newer OP gear for build diversity that complements different builds.

I farmed 2 months for a reoccuring hex back in the day when they were good.

My problem is that the most enemies can be done within 20 secs with running to them and check the loot. Then after 20sec a huge loading time of 70sec.

Farming killer Volt is so much more fun than any of the other bosses in the game. It’s not like I don’t like farming, I just hate spend time in the loading screen.

Watching a movie while loading screen sounds like bad game design.

I made a lot tests on different bosses. Let’s say evil lilith:
The complete run took me about 40 to 50sec. 20 or so were waiting for her immunity phase. 75sec loading screen. 30sec gameplay and 95sec waiting sounds terrible for me though.


No I agree the load times are a problem and miss that 15 second D2 boss run but their isn’t anything I can control. I’m just saying if you can still have fun and do something productive while in down time.

In my opinion, the main issue is anointments making getting the right gear so difficult. If there were a way to gradually build toward the desired final result, something that lets you use the “trash” legendary to replace or change parts of your loot it would make grinding feel less futile because even if you get “junk” it can still contribute over time to what you are really after.


But at least its no like D3 with IK armor rolling intelligence😆

2020 folks… Bosses should just respawn by using fast travel. Freddie might not be the boss we need, but the one we deserve. :skull:


load screens on consoles takes longer then killing a boss, then you have too many variable’s when farming for certain item like first off certain item you seek as there is way too many world drops, then lets add on if you get certain gun for example then you want right element maybe , then add on certain perks for said gun on top ? which is like very very low chance of getting perfect gun you seek or you need insane rng.

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freddie is letdown in some cases for some uniques though as he doesnt drop all items as some are unique to other bosses only.

Part of the issue is that the rewards rarely feel worthy of the effort. I’ll put in the time, but I want it lead to something. The excessive levels of RNG means that even grinding for the right weapon with the right elements, can be wasted with a bad anoint or firing mode.

This year the Bloody Harvest event feels meh, because the loot is meh. I’m not exactly asking for Cartels level of power. But even a Roided Ghast Call feels meh, and I don’t even bother with the other items. Maybe you can’t go home, and maybe redoing events will never feel as good as the first time around.


That’s the thing from player perspective is time vs reward. Should we be guaranteed a drop every time? No, but the base rate for dedicated or exclusive drops can certainly be bumped with all the RNG layers to contend with. In BL 2 drop rates were low, but there were the following to consider:

  • With world drop rates being so low when you saw that orange odds were in your favor it was what you were farming for. Here you see orange and are pre cringing because the odds are you are about to get your 5000th Woodblocker or ASMD of the week

  • There were fewer layers of RNG needed to get what could be worthwhile in BL 2. There the checks were did I get it, preferred element, and preferred grip. While certain prefixes other parts were definitely better you could get a passable variant that allowed you to move on sooner. Here we have did it drop, is it actually our drop, is it the right element, does it have the right anointment, does it have the right fire rates (for Dahl weapons mostly). On top of that the power dependency of the right anointment means there are more dadgum tosses than anything else.

  • I would argue there was less legendary dependency in BL2. Some of the best guns such as the sandhawk, pimpernel, and the lady fist were blue rarity quest rewards. In addition there were blues and purples that could hold there own in higher OP levelslike ravagers, quads, anarchists, and droogs. In BL 3 the number of worthwhile quest rewards are almost non existent, and most purples and lower might as well be deleted once you leave the lower mayhem levels meaning we are more dependent on farming.

I could be wrong but I think a lot of the griping would be toned down if quest rewards were better or blues and purples were tuned to be the stepping stone for the next level but could actually do something outside the cheesiest of cheese builds or top 5% talent base using them. There’s always going to be the 100% or bust complaints but that is just the nature of the beast.


I would have more fun if they did 2 bigger and not 4 small level cap raises. It took forever to farm some weapons. They also gave us incredible strong weapons but they all are pretty much useless with the raises.

Agreed or if the level increases were spread out across multiple years. I hope we don’t see another increase in 1 or more years.

That’s a moot point since level cap isn’t getting increased “for the forseeable future”.
Why people would still be upset about that is beyond me.

they might increase it again knowing 2k as they havent confirmed if new add on’s will increase level or not yet.

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Lol. Yep! The problem with most legendaries are they are not really legendaries. They feel TOO COMMON both in performance and occurence.

Most of the quest rewards are a big joke. The only one that’s really meaningful is the Pearl. We need more of this. So if we rerun the whole story again or the DLCs there’s a potential to get god rolls. At least you get rewarded again. The worst rolls of Pearl is still good because of its inherent 90% bonus.

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I’d give a little more love to the pipe bomb and whispering ice as well. Good AOE grenades, can be anointed (unless of course the pipe bomb coming with an anoint was a rare glitch in my favor), and cheap to buy from Earl once you unlock them. Best in class items no but not an auto vending machine run either.

Also redsuit granted in a very niche style. But still the point stands that’s 4 out of how many quest? Whereas in the past we had at least 8-10 maybe not the best but worth using quest rewards.