Complaining about gear farming

The problem is the bloated loot pools for some enemies.

Like I want a Psycho Stabber with 300/90 anoint. MF’er Norman NEVER drops this thing. He has like 3 weapons in his loot pool. ■■■■■■■ WHY??? He is a nobody enemy, he should have the Psycho Stabber and that’s it. This is the case for a lot of items.

Also ■■■■ God rolls if you can’t even get a thing to drop once in 100 tries.

Add in long load times on console and a bloated anointment pool of 90% trash and you would see why people complain about this stuff.

Oh and don’t forget that a legendary cosmetic can just eat your drop. Why this ■■■■ drops at all when you already have it is flat out stupid. Waste of time.

When the fastest way to get good gear is to farm world drops in a slaughter or takedown there is a problem with the way the game’s loot is handled.


If you’re still arguing this, or don’t understand this game’s farming issue this reddit post covers it pretty well.

if you want to skip dealing with reddit here’s a direct link to their data.

Pretty much its an averaged summary showing how many runs people need to get a chance to get their drop based on dedicated drop rates.

It’s damn high, and that’s before you get parts elements and anoints into it.

Yeah and before they were actually farmable, now that’s all out the window. Don’t know if they fixed it so quest rewards would level with mayhem either, but even if they did the only way on console to get the version you want would be to take the effort to slog through the story again on true, make an external save BEFORE you do the mission since quest rewards are locked in now on completion, and keep reloading and redoing the mission until you get the actual item.

played Diablo Lord of Destruction Hardcore Ladder for 9 years as a pure masochist, forever seeking rolled gods

To such a gamer 150 hours is a mere pen stoke on a canvas, I will never stop picking up loot, this is true, it is my desire every waking moment. The best loot and the siccest fights, I wanna be balls to the wall fanning the hammer and soaking up every last bit.

My thirst is unquenchable.

“Smashy Smashy” -Moze


I’ve wanted in game item crafting for a long time. Had such high hopes when I saw the parts breakdown when inspecting an item…then nothing.

Jeez…I never realized loads were that long for you console guys.

My biggest complaining about farming is probably from Gearbox launching all of those farming events just mere weeks before a level cap increase, and not after. Now would be a good time for one, one that actually includes DLC locations as well.

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Ahh I see now, the complaint.

When cap increases players go and fetch the same gear again at the new level… Here’s how I play;

Upon level cap increase I actually don’t go back for fetch and allow the forward progression to randomly upgrade my loadout. I just go out, do some sideys and whatever I feel like. It is at this point that I’m using unsynchronized gear but within the hour have a new loadout of Lvl65 gear. I will not continue with the build I was using, I make something new…

During my time in BL3 I have been a Bear pilot (initial desire), then cap increased and I became an Ogre Sweeper (newly dropped gear blessed by RNG gods) after Gehenna I built around the Complex Root.

“Go with the flow” has safeguarded me from the annoyances of “refarm”

I don’t refarm but allow fate to guide my play style. Hell I even learnt/used things I thought I wouldn’t like. Be adventurous, being the same as everyone else doesn’t allow for uniqueness


Oh yeah. The other day I was farming Laser Sploder for 5 hours in Xbox. Imagine how long I spent on the loading times against King Bobo. It’s loooong.

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Probably one of the most stupid things they have done and I feel were even stupider for falling into it again and again. I did.

ooph, that hurts to read lol

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