Complaints about the game

Wow, just wow. I’ve never seen such bad game design. I’ve had the game installed for 60-90 minutes and I have a serious list of complaints like never before.
First, just so you know, I bought the game in second hand, 30 euros, I was surprised to see it at such low price so soon but now I understand. I bought it mainly because me and my girlfriend needed a new coop game. I installed the game, everything went smoothly and then the ■■■■■■■■ starts, you can’t start playing in coop. Why oh why would you create a coop game that you can’t start playing right away? It will mean that anyone who buys the game to play with someone else will have to play the first 10-15-20 minutes by himself while his buddy(ies) watch him, nice… Then, the longest ■■■■■■■ intro video I’ve ever seen in my life… and YOU CAN’T SKIP IT!! WHYYYYY?? WHY can i not choose what I watch and don’t watch in a game I paid for? WHYYY? But ok, both of these issues I’ve seen before in other games, not a HUGE issue in and of themselves, whatever.
So I play the prologue and reach a certain point where I meet this other character in game (it seems like little time but the game also crashed so I had to repeat this part and also the goddamn intro video lol). And then a miracle happens, message shows up saying Splitscreen is now available. GREAT, I can finally play the way I intended to in the first place, I thought. But because of reasons that I don’t understand you have to go back to main menu to get the other player. So in my innocence I quit the game in progress and went to get the second player, but for whatever ■■■■■■■ reason, every other mode was still blocked and there was no way of getting the second player into the prologue… again WHY??? for ■■■■■ sake WHY? This makes no sense to me, why the ■■■■ would a message appear saying split screen was available if you can only go back to the menu to not be able to get the 2nd player?
Much more frustrated I try to go back to the prologue to get this ■■■■ over with and start coop playing as soon as possible, but guess what? INTRO VIDEO IN YOUR FACE for another good unskippable 10 minutes, ■■■■ you so much game. Out of frustration I quit the game just because I didn’t want to see that ■■■■ again. But wait, there’s more. My girlfriend wanted to give it a try at the prologue so I have to launch it again, but to my surprise, I get the error Player Initialisation Failed, not logged in to Playstation Plus. At this point I’m between ROFL and tears, but for 45 minutes I could not log into the game… Which brings me to my other problem, WHY do you force people to have an internet subscription to play a game that is not exclusively multiplayer? There is no good reason, if the progress of your characters is shared between online multiplayer and solo just give your players a choice between uploading that progress or not. My girlfriend rarely plays online so there is no reason for her to have an internet connection, she just wants to play your ■■■■■■ game.
So, yeah, I never mind paying for bad games, especially because I buy them at cheap(ish) prices. But for the first time in my life I regretted buying this game within an hour or so of owning it. So congratulations gearbox, it honestly looks as though you’re making an effort to displease your players. The whole beginning of the game feels like you’re not giving the player any choice, he’s powerless to go through the motions that you imposed on him for (in my opinion) no good reason. So ■■■■ you very much gearbox, I’ll keep playing borderlands cuz it’s not bad but I’m gonna sell your game back tomorrow and hope I won’t lose money on it, the correct thing to do would be to burn your CD and pray you never hear about it again. Sorry for the rant, but I feel other people will feel the same, its just too much bad design and not focused around player choice, you feel ■■■■■■ with the minute you launch the game. My bum hurts now so I’m gonna go get ice-cream, buh bye.

Is this satire? Poes law is hitting me hard I can’t tell.


You have to complete the prologue for each person to do split screen. My wife and I did it while cooking. I beat it first while she started cooking then she beat it while I finished cooking. Kind of annoying yet not nearly as difficult as you make it out to be


I’m so glad there wasn’t a mention of “the other game” in this thread. Anyways you are judging a game by the very first thing you have to do. You HAVE to play it by yourself because it’s really the only thing that lets you get a feel for the controls before you hop in with real players.

The intro scene while unskippable is not that big of a deal, you could easily find something to pass time in that regard.

To be fair though this game does have a lot of player choice but you wont be able to see it until you pass the prologue which is by far not a long process.

Prologue takes maybe 10 minutes while everything else you would do in game could be 30 minutes. Sure it sucks to have to do it alone but it’s the way it is.

I just find it sad you would claim this game to be a bad game when you haven’t even gotten past the Prologue because you wanted to rush into everything. You cannot claim a game is bad with less than 10 minutes on the game.


I played the game without an Internet sub just do private mode. It works for me and others on the forum.
It’s really hard to read your rant when there’s such much censored and how blocky it is. Next time please break it up.
You just need to calm down though. You shouldn’t have quit the prologue if you knew the other player would have to do it too. You screws yourself there.


often i find when im engaged, focused, interested, curious in what i’m doing, others naturally are compelled, forced into the experience, for to reject such opportunity would serve as some sort of denial im our existence. the universe tried and tried to get you to just listen and learn what you were getting yourself into, but its lesson, the story was not why you came. i’say burn the game because now it will only bring you pain: stop the shame…

This makes me chuckle. What other games have you played if this tiny sequence was “the longest ever?”

Also, you should maybe tone down a bit and reduce all the “■■■■” “■■■■” and so on, its quiet hard to follow your text with all this …
I don´t think any Dev would read this big block of enraged text, sprinkled with alot of “■■■■” - if you want to be taken seriously you should express yourself in a more professional matter.


real talk you just turned two complaints not skipping the intro video and not starting the prolog in coop and turned them into a giant essay I mean if those are you’r only complaints i think you might just be looking for things to complain about


Hey, you don’t like it, that’s fine. You didn’t need to actually do this, and the fact that anyone does this always makes me wonder if they have ulterior motives.

The thing is? It might not be for you. Battleborn is a game from a different time, aimed at a certain demographic that’s really not going to appeal to the masses. It’s not generic in that cowardly safe way that so many games are now, it’s not even comfortably unchallenging in regards to its aesthetic and setting, either.

I’ve spoken about this before but I’ll do it again. Battleborn actually gives me nostalgia ASMR because it feels like it’s from a time where video games didn’t have to fit into whatever generic, safe, and unchallenging pre-defined notions modern gamers have. I’d even go so far as to say it even seems proud of how much it’s going to alienate some audiences, and that’s okay.

Battleborn isn’t for everyone. It isn’t for you. Some people just want generic, safe, familiar games. Others are willing to put up with a few issues just to enjoy something entirely unlike they’ve played before or in a long time.

I’m genuine when I say that I could slot this game in alongside my favourites from a different era. That, in my opinion, it could stand with pride alongside giants like Day of the Tentacle, Skies of Arcadia, Beyond Good & Evil, and so on. It would be able to do so without feeling less than any of htose games because it fits in with what those games were trying to do, it appeals to those whom those games appealed to.

It’s not a generic, wide, mainstream appeal. It’s not familiar, safe, and comfortable. In fact, it can even be quite the overload. That’s okay. I’m actually okay with that. I’m an autistic person, so I can actually get overloaded pretty easily but I think that’s worth it just to play something with honest-to-goodness personality again.

Our values are just different. You probably want something that plays like a modern shooter, with a low TTK, accessibility, and nowhere near the level of glorious eccentricity Battleborn has. And that’s completely fine! I support you.

It’s just that I don’t share your hatred for unique games with a few issues. It’s like Fallout: New Vegas, isn’t it? If we’re talking about games with issues, there was one. And yet, the story, the choice & consequence, and how incredibly meaningful everything you did was? Fallout 4, by comparison, is a very polished game but I feel like nothing I do matters, the world’s going to continue to be a xenophobic hellhole no matter how hard I try to fix things.

And there are people out there who prefer that polish even if they have no agency, and the story isn’t particularly interesting. If I’m honest, perhaps the only reason I even bothered trying Fallout 4 is for Nick Valentine, who had just a little of that Obsidian magic to him.

But they even flubbed Valentine by making his personal mission a murder-a-thon, which didn’t seem to fit his personality at all.

So I still prefer New Vegas over the shiny and polished Fallout 4, despite the bugs. In New Vegas I had agency, things mattered, and it was such a well defined world that it felt like a real passion project.

Battleborn also feels like that, you know? It’s ultimately a passion project, and it’s not going to appeal to everyone. In a way, it’s perhaps the most experimental thing I’ve seen in the last decade, and something like that is going to have the odd issue.

Does that mean I love it any less? No, I’m not personally shallow enough to throw a wobbly over imperfections in otherwise unique and brilliant experience, that’s not me. I mean, yes, I’d like to see all the problems sorted out eventually but that there is a prob or two doesn’t halt my enjoyment of the overall experience.

It’s like going to a foreign country, stopping by a well respected café for a meal, and then flipping the table and having a violent fit just because you felt the meal wasn’t arranged on the plate to your expectations. That’s what it’s like. It’s just where a person has gotten to a point where entitlement and privilege have surpassed being able to enjoy anything new. So you’ll always take a polished but entirely familiar experience over a unique but somewhat flawed one.

We’re different, you and I, original poster. And that’s fine. I invite you to find that polished, familiar experience you want so much. I’ll just stay here and enjoy a brilliantly unique, fun, experimental, if somewhat flawed experience that I like much better.

Different strokes.


The prologue functions as a tutorial. It helps new players learn how the game works.

Tutorials were frequently requested during the beta phase, so here it is.