Complete Clan List & Roster. Clan discussion too if interested

The aim of this thread is to get a complete roster, of both clans, and of their members; whether they are on the forums or not. (Maybe even the member’s roles if applicable.)

If you’d like to submit information for this thread, send me a private message, or just leave a reply!
I’m open to allow clan discussion and talks in this thread as well!

For ease, this list will be made in an alphabetical format, unless otherwise trumped by clan role or another factor.

Clan List:

  • Baps [Baps]
  • Battle Group [BG]
  • Demon [De]
  • Drunken Pirates [DP]
  • Honor Guard [HG]
  • Paktu S’jet Armada [PSA]
  • The Art of War [TAW]
  • The Fallen Lords [TFL]
  • guru
  • [SGW]
  • [FFF]
  • =LW=
  • [GER]
  • SA-
  • [TPG]
  • [duCk]
  • [KNiFe]
  • SLS

Clan Rosters:


  • Name, Username, Clan Role


  • Daniel Hall, BlackBaps, Clan Patriarch
  • Ben, Skunk
  • Declan, Papasmurf
  • Mario, Admiral

Battle Group [BG]

Demon [De]

  • Azrael
  • Hideki

Drunken Pirates [DP]

Honor Guard [HG]

Paktu S’jet Armada [PSA]

  • DragonPSA_RHN
  • Armaggedon
  • Razor
  • Total

The Art of Wars [TAW]

The Fallen Lords [TFL]

  • Daniel Sayer, Apocalypse, Clan Patriarch
  • Andrew Hawkins, Heezy
  • Andrew Sayer, Snow
  • Antonius Schneider, Antonius Sjet
  • Brandon Cardoza, Temmu
  • Daniel Wong, P5synergy
  • Douglas Bacon, TheWorldSmith
  • Jason Siesser, Mad Bomber
  • Joshua Marble, Juggsy
  • Johny Rico, Johnny Rico
  • Kevin Huynh, Ebil_Pigeon
  • Lee Burns, Radical
  • Mark Greene, BigBANGthoery
  • Mike Zimmerman, “LeviathansWrath”


  • Chewyguru - Clan Leader
  • Ratamaq
  • Momo
  • TP1 Kenobie
  • Odyshammer
  • TEQuILA!
  • Acoguru


  • Comander_Dadel
  • Dark Hunter


  • Elrebe


  • Fetal Infection


  • Caldor Gend
  • Franky
  • Toshi


  • Outsider
  • XGP


  • Firebird


  • drillerkiller079


  • StarLord


  • Apollo
  • Lex,Alpha1
  • Darkmecca
  • Bloold
  • Battlecry
  • Ruthless
  • Echo
  • Recon
  • Coldspyder

So easily forgotten :frowning:


I can’t remember everything or everybody… :stuck_out_tongue:

I know there was Genesis, and several others, but I’ve no idea if they’re still active.

Hm, do the Relicnews Dolts qualify as a clan?

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Are they a clan that team together and fight? :stuck_out_tongue:

When we’re not lazy.

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Then totally. ^^
Just send me a PM with names, usernames, and any clan roles. Clan tag and full name would be good too. ^^

List was clearly made by HW2 scum with no since of history or heritage.

At a minimum you should show some love for the OMO, SLS, PSA, Chiken Confederation, and The guru.


Well, Rata, are they active? I also don’t have the information to fill in about their membership. :stuck_out_tongue:

Give me the love and I’ll spread it!

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I’d say momo and I are slightly active :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Hopefully you realize I’m just messing with you. I’ll be more active in trying to wake all of the sleeping clans, including the rest of the dormant guru once we make a little more progress with this beta. I wouldn’t even consider actively recruiting or clan promotion until there is a release version to play. I think personally think there are already to many players and not enough beta testers as it is. Beta testing is more like a job, and you run the risk of pushing players away by trying to hard to include them too soon.

But if you’re making a list, you should also include the clan site pages in that list.

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If people supply the info… :stuck_out_tongue:
No worries. Completely understand.

Soban Allied Rebellion
Paktu S’jet Armada
Put me in PSA

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Soban Force also was :slight_smile:

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Are all three active? Any idea of the members?

Which of the clans are you and Momo in?
Is he in OMO and yourself Guru? :stuck_out_tongue: I can’t quite recall.

In PSA Armaggedon Razor Total
You can also add

Enders Dragon Army

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Someone needs to find Xeno, FC, 2X, SF

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Sir is only slightly represented.

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We have been trying to consolidate the veteran and new community into one central teamspeak server. Several of us have been having a fun time on the ts server.

Definitely becoming an interesting place! :imp:


Binary Pioneer TS3 Server (Automatically take you there through You need TS3 installed)


Server Address: BinaryPioneer.Noip.Me


Well ya my once a month visit till GBox finally gives a game worthy of calling itself Homeworld J/K …but yea there needs to be one thing for Crowley to be back full time. Im sure many know what that is. However I was hoping guru would add me to their roster if they have one yet. ?? rata? momo?

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@SirRunOn Want to help out with that? :stuck_out_tongue:

@Mr_Crowley Here you are… @ratamaq