Complete DLC3 Legendary item list

Does anyone know of a complete list of new legendary items from the DLC3 or one that is being compiled anywhere for reference?*vQsLFnlEezcgyNtbxNoNbQ#gid=0


Oh yeah. I forgot about that thanks!

Hmm, did not see any new grenades or shields?
Has anybody found any new grenades or shields?

I found this:

I’ve seen two new unique grenades, both of which are quest rewards but I don’t think there’s a new shield.

Yeah I got one of the grenades.
Usually they have new legendary grenade mods and shields, coms, and artifacts. None in this DLC apparently, but I do like some of the weapons I have found so far.
I have a Shock/Cryo Beacon that has been alot of fun.

Also, sadly not new COMs this time around.

Has anyone put together a tier list? I’ve gotten several shotguns and SMGs and they all feel pretty terrible while the Lightbringer feels like it is a winner.


where this from?

it is quest reward miracle elixir located here pink dot

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The maliwan pistol and smg are both between workable and great for m10. The tourge assault rifle is good enough for mobbing and certain bossing applications with the right annoints, and I find it fun enough as something different to use despite not being top tier.

The chandelier shotgun is either hot garbage or I really am using it wrong. The tourge shotgun is poor, but might be useable with the right set up.

The new maliwan sniper is quite likely an overtuned true top tier monster on par with a strong launcher.

I like the new Vladof AR, Dowser I think its called? The Shrediffier is my favorite weapon so this feels like it. Still prefer the Shred but I’m glad I have an alternative to the hard to find Shred

I use a high incendiary/splash damage build with Moze and so far I’ve found a number of legendaries in this DLC that seem to work great with it.

Unkempt Harold
Complex Root

Those 3 so far seem to work at ridiculous levels with my skill build. I haven’t fully figured out if there is some trick to the Complex Root though or if I keep hitting myself with the splash explosions simply because I have too much + blast size stacked. I had a similar issue with one of the Legendary Pistols before this DLC, I think it was the foresum where it was mostly unusable with the amount of splash size bonuses I had due to the radius of the explosion with the bullets collided was larger than the distance they traveled before colliding. The thing that makes the Complex Root usable is that I’m doing so much actual damage with it over such a large area that it generally results in instant second winds.

I don’t think that’s it. I think it has a ricochet effect that comes back at you even if the target is far away. If you shoot then duck behind cover it generally won’t hit you. I also noticed that the faster you fire the more likely it is that it ricochets back at you whereas if you pause between shots it happens less.

There is also some odd/inconsistent behavior with how it works. I have a shock variant and tried it with a Transformer which seems to nullify the damage sometimes but at other times still seems to damage me even with 100% shock immunity. Makes me wonder if it’s bugged or some of the ricochet damage is being calculated as kinetic damage or something? Not sure.

Not really sure because sometimes nothing comes back at all. I’ve noticed getting 1 shotted by the blast with a shock element one while using transformer as well. I simply thought it was due to the added incendiary damage as everything hit by it has been taking both shock and burn damage. However the flashes have been hitting targets really far away from the one initially hit making it really effective at clearing mobs and camps.