Complete Fanfiction Collection

(Silentargus) #22

Got another one, titled Stormbreakers. This is the first installment of the next story of the corvette series I’d intended to do years ago. It will follow the gunner, Mera, from Cavalier, who has recently joined the ranks of Kiith Soban, as her newly-formed squadron of Tempest-class corvettes receives its trial by fire.

(Deep Strike101) #23

Any idea how many people are interested in reading HW fanfiction? There are some excellent pieces written here, but the amount people have clicked on the included links is not high, leading me to believe that the sum of people interested in fanfiction is low, despite the (relatively) recent release of Remastered.

(Silentargus) #24

Well… Homeworld has never been the most popular game out there, so readership of fanfics was never tremendously high to begin with (I remember it as being mostly a forum buddies trading stories kinda thing; most of the folks who left comments in the fanfic sections of the old forums back in the day were writers themselves). The ones that have seen a lot of hits are almost invariably the ones that have been available for a very, very long time.

The short answer… best to write because you like the source material, not because you want to be famous. If you make a few readers happy along the way, call it a bonus. :slight_smile:

(Kurtis Millette) #25

Blah I’m back. I’ll add it to the list when I get back from work.

As for readership it doesn’t really help that for the longest time it was only Sparki and I actually posting anything. Then just him. It kinda slowed down once Legacies stopped being updated I think.

(lexmuc) #26

I just found your awesome collection! I was wondering whether you have tried to use a tool to organize these links. I am currently working on such a tool called Tagpacker which is well suited for doing stuff like that.

If you’re interested, here is a link to another collection that illustrates well, what you can do with it:

I’d be very curious to hear what you think of it or whether this would be helpful for you.

(Kurtis Millette) #27

Added IonFury’s two fics to the list. I thought I did before but I guess I forgot to. Wish these forums made it look nicer than it currently does, but it’s all still there at any rate.

(doci7) #28

Wondered if you could add the lego-visual-aid story I am working on over in the Desserts of Kharak section. It’s non-traditional but basically fan fiction I think:

(Patrick2160) #29

So I’ve got to ask, did anyone pull a backup of all the stories before the Relic Forums shut down??? I’ve got copies of the older Pre-rewrite Homeworld Legacies Parts 1 & 2…

Edit: Looks like I must’ve gotten the updated versions of the pdf’s, After rereading them they’re the post rewrite ones…

(Kurtis Millette) #30

Only backup I’ve got is my own stuff and some of Norsehound’s as I had them saved for reading purposes. Afaik Uber was working on keeping a read only archive of the forums up but we’ll see. :confused:

(Sjet-Seeker) #31

I have a copy of “Outside” and “Naggarok’s Children” which I would be happy to share, not sure if I would need to get permission from The Reflection/Brian Lacki.

I also have a copy of “Fleet Intelligence Personal Logs”, both the original (should be on Kiith Iopia) and the first 4 chapters of the rewrite; Fleet Intelligence Personal Logs Cataclysm (Kiith Iopia Version) and chapter 1 of Revenant Fleet Chronicles, again might depend on Xellos/Robert Howard.

I’ve got a smattering of other stories as well. But those two authors were my absolute favorite from the original Relic Forums.

(Kurtis Millette) #32

Aaaand now that relicnews is gone I realize that the vast majority of this list is poof. -_- I know Chrome has legacies stored somewhere as a PDF but the link to it was on relic thread. I also know I have Children of Kadesh and Taiidan Civil War stored in my iCloud. RIP LINKS

(Marvinmegavolt) #33

On that note, does anyone have the PDF copies of Legacies? Only about a third of the story is actually on various web archives…

(Kurtis Millette) #34

I do on a hard drive somewhere. I can find it tomorrow. Chrome was smart enough to actually make them, but as the link to them was on relicnews I haven’t a clue where they actually are on the internet. Or her, for that matter.

(Sastrei) #35

Is she still on DeviantArt?

(Deep Strike101) #36

Hey DarthSoban, did you ever find those PDFs of Homeworld Legacies?

When HW was remastered, I started writing my own fanfiction titled The Winter Legacy which incorporated Chrome’s story into a HW2 Vaygr perspective.

Then I got occupied with college, work, and all the rest and never did get around to it. I finally have a little free time this summer and want to finally write my story, but all of Homeworld Legacies has vanished! D:

(Marvinmegavolt) #37

Coming back to this a month late, but did you ever find those PDF’s of Legacies?

(Kurtis Millette) #38

I no longer own the computer I had them on as it turns out. I sent her a note on deviant art but other than that I cant help much on that front.

(Marvinmegavolt) #39

Oh well. Thanks for trying!

(Kurtis Millette) #40

Still trying. I’ll update with any progress I make. Though this list is basically dead now, since half the links no longer work… Though I do have Norsehound’s Children of Kadesh and Taiidan Civil War fics saved for sure. And of course my stuff. And Sparki has his backed up elsewhere too.

(Marvinmegavolt) #41

Don’t mean to pester y’all, but any news?