Complete Fanfiction Collection

(isned2000) #42

I think I have a backup of the Homeworld Legacies story somewhere on my computer, I can send it if I find it.

(Marvinmegavolt) #43

Thanks a ton mate!

(gozillabk) #44

Think you could send them my way?

(Kurtis Millette) #45

I have yet to get the files from Chrome but she knows via DA that people are looking. So. Idk what else to do about that, it’s up to her now. Also, I updated the link to Norsehound’s Children of Kadesh as he has put some further work into it recently and has it online as a pdf.

(Marvinmegavolt) #46

Any new updates?

(Kurtis Millette) #47

Y’all know you can go to her DA and message her too right? Numbers might intice. Dunno.

(Marvinmegavolt) #48

Perhaps. It’s worth a shot. Meanwhile, I may have a way to extract the text from the forum posts via web archive services. The capture is from several years ago, but I believe Chrome put Legacies on indefinite hold long before that, so they should in theory be up-to-date… I’ll report back here when I have some significant progress.

(Fulcrum) #49

For those still looking for Homeworld Legacies, I found the complete collection in word format from another forum - I neglected to record the exact source. Please note that I am not the original archivist. Regardless, feel free to grab them from the following link:

(gozillabk) #50

You are officially a gentleman and a scholar!

(Kurtis Millette) #51

Nice, I’m glad someone else stepped up lol. Been having IRL things going on for a bit. I’ll be back to writing and legos soon. More should join in too. It was just November. Maybe if someone new wrote something we can promote it? Idk.

(Marvinmegavolt) #52

I’ve been trying to get a start on writing my own homeworld fanfic for years, now might be a good time to take a new look and a new crack at it.