Complete items sets (like in MMO's) = extra abilities

Do you know those armor sets from MMORPGs that have a specific theme and synergize together with a special effect when you have the set completed?

Wouldn’t that be great in Borderlands?

Example: If you have a manufacturer themed set of a weapon, grenade and shield equipped you get special ability X.

You can do the same with similar themed items like the Soulrender and Ghast Call for example. They both spawn skulls. You get some special ability related to that if you have both equipped.

I think this mechanic would add another dimension to the game.



BL2 introduced some similar mechanic in paired pearlescent gear (I think it’s 1 shield + 1 weapon).

This implies several issues.

  • Gear is not class-related, except COM. So this means either the extra ability is the same for all VH, or you seek a specific set for your class, or the set has 1 possibly different effect per class.
  • An extra effect on gear, on top of legendary effects, would probably lead to a must-have setup, ruining build diversity. I’d rather suggest such effects on purple non-unique gear.
  • To make a set, you would need 1 shield, 1 grenade, and at least 1 weapon. What about manufacturers that have almost no shield/grenade ? Dahl ? Jackobs ?

So, the general idea is not new, it can be fine, but you should describe a bit more what you expect.

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What if there’s a variety of sets? If non-set items are strong enough to compete? To be fair, implementing this in BL3 doesn’t seem very plausible, but maybe in BL4?

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bro no

there’s no jakobs shield… so a no for me :joy:

I don’t recall pearlescent shields, but nor have I heard of this? Do tell.

On topic - I’m totally down.

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Yeah there were 3 Pearlescent shields in BL1, but none in BL2. :slight_smile:

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Before BL3 was released/officially announced I honestly thought something like this would be the next logical step in BL’s gear system.

Comparable to set legendaries in D3. Or, as a previous poster said, some rainbows in BL2 provided extra effects while wearing the complete set (two items in this case). Or even something like the Doppelganger skill Company Man (the more items from a specific manufacturer you have equipped, the better the extra bonuses).

Unfortunately GBX dismissed such new and refreshing ideas for the BL series.

I had to look up both Effervescent Sets in BL2. The Digistruct Peak set and the Writhing Deep set. Both provided bonuses when wielding the AR, Shield, and Relic.

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Was there a pearlescent set bonus in BL1?

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But most of the Pearls were pretty rad, unlike in 2.

The utter suck of the Ironclad still makes me mad.

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One of Jack capstones in TPS was kinda like that, you would get a “manufacturer bonus” on your current item based on the last one you had equiped, for example, Maliwan gave you 25% extra elemental damage, so you could have elemental damage on any weapon, and it even matched the element, so if your Maliwan weapon was shock you would get shock damage on your Jakobs weapon for example.
It is one of the best, and most creative skills i have seen in the series, kinda of a shame they did not copy it, nor did a improved version in BL3.

Yeah, Moze has something that kinda resembles it, but it’s not the same.

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I actually like this back in D2. Back then having a full set is good but still not as best as picking really good disparate legendary items but still better than having nothing. You got a goal and look to aim for until you get ur meta gear.

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Moze has this exact skill, right? “Matched set”, Tier 1 in Green tree.

I rarely take it, though…

Set-Items would be a great addition to the loot-system IMHO, would like to see that!

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My bad, it’s “rainbow/effervescent” rarity, not “pearlescent” (doesn’t change much, does it ?).

It came with FfS DLC.


Who says they have to be manufacturer based? And why are 1S 1G 1W the required components? Could be 2 weapons and an artifact. It could be 2, 3, or 4 items with the same set prefix regardless of what the type of item is for example. Simple benefits might only require 2 items, potent ones more. It would make more sense for benefits to be generic, not class specific.

E.g. a ‘Medic’ set set thar gave you a health regen boost per item equipped (min 2 to get bonus) or a ‘Buffout’ set that boosted max health etc. And you could have more items/types available than the set required with the limit that going beyond the set requirement gave no additional bonuses. Once again a 3 piece Medic set set might have 8 items of gear across all types that qualified, but equipping all 8 would give you no more than the three piece bonus anyway.

I actually really enjoy this idea and hope they incorporate some of these themes into the next season of content. I feel like there are 3 “sets” that could be implemented. Each with their own thing obviously

General Set: These are things that can benefit all VHs. Stuff like bullet bounce back or absorbing ammo. Or the set has a % chance of triggering certain effects (be them OP or wacky like Claptraps bouncy ability)

Specific VH Sets: These sets are specifically for the VH wearing them. I feel it would be a great addition to get into more of the lore of the character with new abilities that trigger. Zane can have a clone pop up and backstab enemies at random times throughout the fight. Moze can have backup ordinance target enemies around her.

Content /Raid Sets: This type of gear would ONLY be for the content they are introduced in. For example gear that only works in the Guardian Takedown or Maliwan Takedown. I feel this would work because people are going to cry balance and cry that there are too many sets. This alleviates that because the min/max people can become super OP in certain content without it affecting the whole game while the people that hate farming don’t even need to worry about this gear at all. So you would have your general gear that you always wear but when you want to group up with friends, or randoms, you can put on your “Raid Set” and kick some raid ass! The cosmetic department could also create some interesting “Raid Sets” that make us look different for an even more incentive to want to get the gear while we are doing Takedowns or whatever End Game Gearbox is creating.

Could make it a global passive on a com. For every weapon equipped of the same manufacturer, gain 25% gun damage.

Or maybe just a new com for each VH with this bonus. The Allegiance com. Maybe have fire rate and reload bonus too.

Those builds were fun.

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I love the idea of gear sets, it gives us something more to farm for than just weapons and individual pieces. As cool as it is to create our own gear sets (Old God Shield, Cryo everything, etc.) I think it would also be cool to see some dev designed stuff.

One of my proudest moments in gaming was getting my Tier 1 Mage set during WoW:WtoLK, I worked my ass off for that shiz, but it was damn rewarding, and I wore that transmog for a long, long time.

Yes, gear sets would be very neat.