Complete Legendary Collection

As of about 5 minutes ago, I finally completed my collection of legendaries. Every. Single. One. All lore legendaries, all boss drops, all loot pack legendaries, 125 different legendaries (Just in time, too, since we’re probably getting 7 more with the Winter Update). I’m uploading screenshots of each of them to my steam library so that it can be confirmed. A vast majority (all but 9) are max roll, which I will be trying to remedy, but, at the very least, I managed to get at least one of each of them before the WU.

The only legendary that I had needed for over 1.5 months now was the GoGo Juice. But I finally got it. Woo!


The most impressive feat. I ain’t even got all the 0 cost shard gens at max stat.

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Congrats! Meanwhile I’m struggling to get generic gear I need :sweat_smile:

Congratz! Can’t believe you were missing GoGoJuice. GoGoJuice and Chrono Key seem to have a weird obsession with me. I always get the juice out of Rogue Commander packs and get Chrono Key 90% of my Sentinel playthrough. Dammit! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Congrats, that’s amazing!

Can I ask you a question about obtaining legendaries?
So I have over 75 unique legendaries but I need several from faction loot packs.
Should I spend credits on full price faction loot packs now or wait and buy core loot packs when they come out and are discounted?



Good job!

That took me a moment to realize that includes Bea’s

You beat me? NOOOOOOO.
I am missing 2…oh well, nice work broski.

Well done. Congrats! I’m sitting at a paltry 74…

[quote=“legendoflink2288, post:5, topic:1554264, full:true”]Should I spend credits on full price faction loot packs now or wait and buy core loot packs when they come out and are discounted?

Faction packs have always been basically worthless for acquiring legendaries because the chance of getting one is just so low. I’m not sure how good the chance of getting a legendary from the core packs is going to be, but I don’t really expect it to be that high. I would probably just save up credits and wait for something like Battleborn Day to happen again and dump a lot of money on Legendary Packs (I think I spent more than 500k on those things).

If you want loot pack legendaries, the best thing to do is actually run the operations: they have the highest chance of dropping a legendary of any pack (except the legendary pack) and have a limited drop pool so you can kind of pick which one you want. Over the weekend (ever since the Bots Battle began, in fact), commander packs have been bugged so that the chance of getting a legendary from them is 100% so now is a really good time to run ops.

Edit: Further research has uncovered that all commander packs except for UPR packs (for some reason) have a 100% chance to provide a legendary.

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Yeah I think I’ll keep saving for a half price event. I have over 150,000 credits saved up so far.

I’m going to have over 300k (again) soon (lots of monies from commander packs) but nothing to spend them on, lol.

Now laminate that cert so it’ll fit in his wallet.


If only trading had been a thing; no joke, i’ve gotten AT LEAST a dozen Go-Go Juices trying to get Toby’s “Aw Shucks” taunt the first five months the game was out.

Seriously, i felt like i was working at a f*cking distillery, haha!

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If trading was a thing, this would’ve been much less impressive. :stuck_out_tongue:

Very true, but i ALSO wouldn’t have gotten drunk on Go-Go Juice, and loudly and obnoxiously lamented my inability to get that damn taunt.

Congrats! I only have a few legendaries (less than 10) but I don’t use them in pvp. I do more than fine with white, green and blue gears!

Edit: These are the only legendaries I would love to have and certainly use

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Congrats :slight_smile:

I think I’m at about 100 unique legendaries, too much RNG issues with the faction legendaries XD

Thank you so much for sharing that! Incentivised me to go back and farm Ops as it actually felt worthwhile and got 13 new legendaries (though still not Archship Buoy :sob:). Much appreciated!

I had such devotion once.

Until my compassion for the game faltered before becoming damaged.

Then I found Dragon Age: Inquisition GOTY on sale for 15 CDN (down from 40, cuz CDN is weak, as usual) and been deeply addicted into the world of Thedas once again. This works better than crack.

So I congratulate you on your feat; it’s not something many of us could claim to have accomplished. Maybe the winter patch could provide me some incentives to return.