COMPLETE LF: Lvl 53 Recharger 20% action skill cooldown

Any type of recharger, capacity > 10K. Have transformer of the same anointment and/or other lvl 53 items including hellshock 100 ase for trade. Thx.

Ooooh nice one, perfect for my Amara :star_struck:. My epic id is “wushudrag0n”

Want the transformer w/ the same anointment?

I’m not using that recharger so you can have it! I hoard my transformers so I have one with cooldown rate already lol.

Though if you happened to have either a boomer or a sleeping giant with Gamma Burst I’d be happy to take it off your hands :smiley:

Edit: also add my epic, KittyShoes17, and I’ll send the recharger when I get home. I’m away from my PC right now so I’ll send it asap

Alright cool :sunglasses: appreciate it a ton, farmed Electra city for hours for this. I added ya on epic.

Nope on both the boomer and sleeping giant with that anointment but can keep an eye out for them.

Thanks again