[COMPLETE] LF: x14 Brainstormer (Anointed Phaselock Optional)

Looking for a x14 Brainstormer. Doesn’t need to be anointed, but would be great if it has Phaselock or another generic useful one. Have lots to trade. Thanks!

Epic Name: MoogyMonster

What do you have for trades

What are you looking for? Feel free to send me a message via the Epic message system.

I have one of those, anointed too, but I’m looking for a radiation super shredifier

Unfortunately all I have is an Engulfing Shredifier :frowning:

What’s the anointment?

For the x14 one it’s +50 bonus incendiary damage for next 2 clips on action skill end, for the x7 it’s the same but bonus shock damage instead


Yah I’d LOVE to get one of those. Is yours up for trade?

Yea, will write you in a bit when i’m home

i got a normal one , and i need a recurring hex

A BIG thank you to schmu666 for trading me an anointed x14 Brainstormer!

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Got one with +250% weapon dmg after phasecast with the 14 pellets per shot

Mainly looking for phaseslam or phasecast annointed kings/queens calls, lyuda or crossroads

Edit: My bad, was on mobile so didnt see you already found one

U still got that brainstorm ×14 incendiary dam msg me on xbox
The capt savage i got lots off stuff

This is the PC trading post

My bad kinda new to this app

would you trade a brainstormer with me as well?

i need a brainstormer as well anyone?