Complete list of canon worlds in the Borderlands universe

With the franchise going interplanetary and the wiki understandably struggling to keep up, I figured this list could be of potential interest for the lore enthusiasts among the community.

Here’s a complete list in alphabetical order of the canonical planets (next to their respective natural satellites in brackets) mentioned so far in the Borderlands universe, I’ll also try to keep it updated as new information and DLCs are released.

  • Aquator
  • Artemis
  • Athenas (two moons)
  • Demophon
  • Dionysus
  • Eden (six moons: Eden-2, Eden-3, Eden-4, Eden-5, Eden-6, Eden-7)
  • Eptah
  • Eroticon-6
  • Eunomia
  • Euros
  • Farflax
  • Grophic III
  • Grophic IV
  • Hedon-3
  • Hephaestus
  • Hera
  • Hermes
  • Hestias
  • Hieronymous
  • Honus 4651
  • HVOg-4
  • Isolus
  • “Joey’s Planet” (one moon)
  • Junpai-7
  • “Midnight’s Cairn”
  • Minos Prime (four moons)
  • Monoetius
  • Nekrotafeyo
  • Pandora (one moon: Elpis)
  • Partali
  • Promethea
  • Raden-3
  • Selene
  • Sercannus-3
  • Tantalus
  • Themis
  • Thrace
  • Xylourgos
  • Unidentified gas giant (three moons: Gehenna and two unnamed ones)

Now, a couple of notes:
-So far in the continuity, humanity has spread through six galaxies.

-Earth and the Solar System are pretty much canonical, but since they haven’t been mentioned thus far, they aren’t included.

-This info should be taken with a grain of salt, since, for example, we only learned that Eden-6 is actually a moon in Borderlands 3, while we always assumed it to be an indipendent planet. I’ll try to update the post in case Gearbox adds/retcons anything about this subject.

-In episode four of Tales from the Borderlands, Fiona mentions the planet of “Grimmtillius”, though we can’t be certain wether she simply made it up on the spot or if it actually exists.

-Amara says that her name means “deathless” on 37 planets, and is a brand of conditioner on 8, so this leaves at least 4 missing colonized planets that haven’t been named yet.

-This image appears during the intro to Borderlands 3:

The cinematic then zooms in on the bigger planet and its moon, revealing that they’re actually Pandora and Elpis. This seems to indicate that, in the Pandoran System, there are 4 more (probably unhinabitable, since we’ve never heard of them) planets (one of them even with a moon).


Nice, thank you!

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Very cool post how the heck did I miss this 7d ago?

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Well since Borderlands 3 breaks canon can we consider it part of the main story?

Moxxi and Jack Dated

Until Borderlands 3 either forgot, didn’t know the story, or rewrote it to Moxxi and Jack were married.

So BL 3 isn’t following canon

Married? Was this in an echo that I haven’t found? But even then, that isn’t too much of a break with lore to say they’re throwing not following canon at all.

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Is the theme of the first paid dlc

A little update!

Obviously, I’ve added Xylourgos to the list, and also corrected a few typos.

In addition, here are a few notes on some Borderlands celestial bodies which, despite being somewhat intriguing, probably don’t belong in the O.P.

Xylourgos’ Eclipsing Brother

Inside the planetary description for Xylourgos, we can read that its cold climate is at least partially caused by a constant eclipse casting a perpetual shadow on the planet (a bit like MCU Vormir). My guess is that the game’s hinting at the presence of a planet that’s closer to Xylourgos’ sun and that possesses a synchronized revolution time to our favourite Lovecraftian world, blocking most of the light that would otherwise reach it.

The moon of Monoetius

Of course, we can’t know for sure where Brick’s origin comic was actually set. Still, since Brick’s planet of origin is Monoetius, and we see a moon in the night sky pictured in the story, I thought that it would’ve been fair to mention the possibility that that’s actually the moon of Monoetius, at least for the sake of completeness.

Other Planets in the Honus 4651 System

In the intro to Lilith’s Origin comic, as the view focuses on Honus 4651, we can see a couple of smaller celestial bodies present in the same system.

I think that the blue one might be a planet, while the green one could either be another planet or a moon.


This planet has only been mentioned in the first game’s strategy guide, where it was stated that Eridians were: “An ancient race, named by humans after the first discovery of alien technology on the planet Eridanus”

What we know is only that it’s supposed to be the first planet where Eridian traces were found by humans, and thus that’s where the name of this race comes from.

Personally, I think that this background’s really fascinating: it’s very realistic to think that, if humans found proof of an alien race on another planet, they’d first assume that this civilization was indigenous to that same planet (while Eridanus might’ve actually been only a minor, insignificant outpost in the grand scheme of things). Then, despite following discoveries, the name would’ve already stuck, never to be changed.

Overall though, I don’t think Eridanus is to be considered canon, and the biggest proof of this is actually in the “Guns, Love and Tentacles” DLC itself: Eleanor and Vincent didn’t seem to know Eridians at all while researching the Ruins of Yogseer. So, that makes Xylourgos the most likely candidate for the place where proof of the Eridians first surfaced.

Hello there! Sorry for double posting, but I wanted to add something that doesn’t really fit in either the previous comment or the OP.

The main list at the top only includes official canon planets, but there are a few which technically aren’t since they were only ever mentioned inside John Shirley’s Borderlands novels. However, I thought that some people might still be interested in them, so I’ll leave them here, along with the little information that was provided on them.

  • Cerberus III : A race of eight-legged hounds lives there, so eight limbs could be the standard for its vertebrate-like creatures.

  • Dalyrymple

  • Dimstar Three : An extremely distant planet, where Daphne and Flureon flee to in order to never risk trespassing into canon territory.

  • Elvis Presley : Yep, you read that right (and if you think that’s weird, in the same book there’s also a brief mention of the Wastemakers: a sect of fundamentalist cultists/terrorists that pillage border planets while worshipping/waiting for the return of a blonde goddess, who probably is Marilyn Monroe). It’s a Dahl minerary planet, which was abandoned after a terrible mining accident.

  • Freebottle : A species of fleas as big as Saint Bernards lives in its cave systems.

  • Grimm’s World

  • Kali-4

  • Red Ferrous-3

  • Thora (one moon) : This border colony planet is definitely inhabited, and its moon housed a luxurious colony, High-Buckle, defended by an orbiting fortress above…until the fortress was hacked, and its cannon were pointed against High-Buckle, destroying it and killing basically all of its rich residents.

  • Toxic Tomb-7 : It’s a hostile planet with a toxic atmosphere and no indigenous life forms; humans only reside in biospheres/terraforming domes.

  • Vargas-2

  • Planets of the Flamboyna Constellation : The people of those planets have a unique culture (for example, they usually paint their hair in multiple primary colors).

  • Black Asteroid : Daphne learned some of her secret agent-ninjitsu skills there.

  • Choking Moons : The exact number of them is unclear; their atmospheres are (mostly, at least) toxic.

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