Complete list of unlockable heads/skins? is there one out there

anyone know if theres a complete list of unlockable player skins and heads and where to get them for all characters? I could be wrong but I don’t think they have them all listed in the wiki pages. I want to start farming for the ones I don’t have and it would be a lot easier with a complete list so I can write it down/print it off and check off skins/heads as I get them

Here you go - note that the forums “preview” doesn’t really work well; there’s actually a full character index on the linked page:

The heads are included on each character’s skins page.

thanks but like I said earlier I don’t think the wiki page for skins/heads for each character is complete, for example on the axton page the skins from headhunter dlcs are not listed but the heads are


Does this look more complete?

ok so after some searching around on google I found this:

Master Head and Skin list

lol looks like we found the same thing at the same time

Yep. Also, should have thought to check in the character sections here. For example, there’s this pinned topic in the Axton category:

ok ty…just went to print off that spread sheet and apparently my printer is out of ink lol…looks like I’m gonna have to write down the list so I can check off which ones I got

Does it not let you save a local copy?

Check that! On the top of the page, click the “Go to spreadsheet view” link beside the name on the top-left. Once that’s done, use the Google Docs spreadsheet menu bar and select File > Download As…

Got a copy as an Excel file that way, which makes it easy to sort and mark. Nice!

haven’t quite figured out this stupid windows 10 yet so not gonna screw around with that stuff, don’t even think I have excel