Complete list of Zane skills that are non-functional (numbers)

After today’s patch, I would just like to hear that Gearbox is aware of the issues. Full credit to ‘Inforgreen3’ for crunching the numbers here.

Double barrel does not increase your damage after switch as advertised. It only effects your digi clone. A short time is also the cooldown or switching Incase you are curious Tested in a duel with a perkless Moze by counting numbers Praemunitus does not increase digi clones mag as advertised. Sometimes. Tested with a boom enhancless double barrel perk 3 shot 3 mag Jacob and a boosted class mod. I can shoot twice with the gun but the clone has a 50 50 chance of either shooting once then reloading or shooting twice each time I summon

Schadenfreude does not restore shield as advertised, but instead

edit: after further testing I can neither confirm nor deny that this augment does ANYTHING AT ALL if it does it is near undetectable

I tested this by dueling that Moze but giving her a rocket launcher and a good sniper this time.

Edit. On a further test. Schadenfreude may not actually do anything what so ever! I’ll get back to you in RyanCentral.

Boom enhance provides less health than advertised, tested by taking off shield and counting body shots from Moze to kill on a clone with no augments. The amount of shots increased from 3 to 7 on a 3 grenade consumed which is from a 100% increase to a 150% depending on overkill. I have not spent any guardian ranks so that I can do these tests first. (Can i say stupid you can take them off) it seems each grenade provides half the stats of the last

Distributed denial is it’s own can of worms! It does not work what so ever with any unique effect I tested, or anointed effects to anyone, (tested with break up rough rider stop gap back ham and whiskey tango foxtrot and regen 3% max health per second when digiclone active alongside a digiclone and a friend playing as Zane) Does not have on destroy on damage on empty effects, does not provide anything that boost stats. (like a listed max capacity boost) It also can not provide amps to people who already have amp or increase amp damage and amp does not increase damage when shooting through it. (Though it can give amp effect to allies but that may piss them off) I could not find and confirm any shield effect that the shield can use (by nature of being a shield), you allies can use, and you can gain increased efficiency from, however I do not have the time nor technology to test percentage chance like boosters absorbs or reflect. The shield cant absorb but it can drop boosters and reflect so try that.

your digi clone also gets reduced efficiency like you for some reason same with everyone with similar shields. sharing a nova shield with someone else with a nova for what I tested is not as good as sharing one with someone without a nova as the damage is increased by a by a smaller amount. Also combining your nova shield shared with a nova shield of a different element only does the element of the equipped shield. Also the exact bonus (I measured in damage on a nova) changes not with the nova damage on your shield but your friends specific shield as the damage done to a perkless flak varied between shields even if they didn’t have nova on them. (I’m actually uncertain if the nova stacking reduced the damage because of this so I tested for hours but the variation here is much higher, comparing a 25% less damage to a 5-10% variation) It is more important that the person reciving the buff has a shield of high-quality well belt for special effects than it is that zane has a good shield, or a high level shield at all. But this also means that a 4 effect purple shield can share 4 even stronger effects to a 2 effect unique legendary, and with that you can have some fun with the rough rider

note I don’t have the time or technology to check percent chances, so I am unsure if reflect chance booster chance or absorb chance increase


Best served cold kill skills cooldown is also increased by 7 seconds from death follows close.

Unlike advertised, digital distribution augment shares less damage the lower the digiclones health and also damages the digi clones health even if it has shield left.

At max shield confident competence only increases gun damage by 10%

Futility belt does not grant the 12% damage listed to a fire damage sniper that was converted to non elemental via kill skill when shot by the perkless Moze. It does however, make said sniper do more damage to the shield by removing the wrong elemental penalty, and does stop the dot. Note thought it will increase your damage taken from corrosive by quite a bit, if you have sources of nonelemental resistance or adaptive resistance they will not work with the futility belt kill skill. Also dont combine futility belt with a transformer.

Stiff upper lip does not provide non elemental damage resist from damage converted to non elemental by futility belt. Tested by shooting me twice with that same sniper. Neither does adaptive shields. Futility belt seems to convert into true damage

Futility belts duration is not increased by 7 seconds by death follows close.

Nanites or some ■■■■■ augment does share to allies when the shield is held even when you touch them, and cleanses you of the effect you pick it up

Retaliation augment does not work when held (damage compared to the amp of shooting through a held shield, vs a held shield after being damaged with retaliation)

Charged relay augment does not work or share when held. (If you want to hold it, go deference field all rounder those two work)

Violent momentum does not double your damage bonus when you double the move speed at a 1-1 ratio (I didn’t test this someone else did) after normal move speed, move speed bonuses increase violent momentum’s efficiency by 80% the bonus applied. (or 0% or 100% multiple tests can be found all over Reddit and in the comments here and it seems to vary by platform. It looks like theres no consistency across consoles)

Edit: found a new one prepping for Ryan centrals video. The radiation augment for the sentinel leaves a radiation dot that is locked at 2 and does not scale. From level 10 to 50. Further testing is required. But it should be about 20 times stronger. i also plan to look to see if you actually get the buffs promised at all! You don’t in duels but this may be enemy dependent.

Edit: not a skill but on action skill end anointed effects don’t trigger with the action skill that replaces your grenade.

Trick of the light and which ones real I have not tested because all these are tested in brawls for enemy corporation. If you know if they work or not tell me. (that means only binary system and dopplbanger are confirmed functional augments for the digiclone)

Ive got another one for you. Using Double barrel to give your clone a cryo weapon does not proc Cool, Calm and Collected if it freezes an enemy. Make sure to test this with Brain Freeze OFF, as this perk does proc when the clone scores a crit, and if this perk freezes an enemy then Cool, Calm and Collected will activate. I find it weird that the clones crita proc brain freeze, its kills activate kill skills, but if it freezes an enemy it won’t activate the effects of Cool, Calm and Collected.


A lot of this is incorrect.

Confident Competence:
1508*1.2=1809, works as advertised

Double Barrel: [Clone Test] [Player Test]
How it actually works: [+20% Additive Gun Damage] for Zane and clone after swap for a few seconds, indicated by an aura around the edge of the screen. This effect can stack within its duration, linearly. Clone damage coefficient: 0.7 of player. It affects both the player and the clone by the listed amount. Works as advertised.

Schadenfreude does work, when the clone is damage it will spawn a blue transfusion trail looking thing that restores shield when it connects with the player. It’s difficult to test the return % accurately but I’m confident it’s 100%. It does appear to have a short cooldown between spawning transfusion, I don’t know if damage taken during this cooldown is added to the next transfusion, probably not.

Violent Momentum, damage bonus at walking speed increases linearly with movement speed. One notable mention is for the Violent Momentum damage calculation move speed from Violent Speed is multiplied by Death Follows Close twice.

Effective bonus at full walking speed = (Violent Momentum) * (1+(Violent Speed) * (1+Death Follows Close) * (1+Death Follows Close)+(Other Move Speed Buffs))

I’m less sure about calculating the bonus at sprinting speed or sliding speed as their relationship to walking speed doesn’t appear to be linear. At speeds I’ve tested, damage bonus while sprinting was ~1.54 * walking bonus and sliding was ~1.69 * walking bonus, again this is just an example not a 100% accurate formula.

Most of these are very simple to test which personally makes me very skeptical of the accuracy of the other results and of the testing methodology but regardless of how accurate the rest of the information in that post is hopefully the commotion with encourage devs to do another pass to check functionality from the back end as many skills are difficult or impossible to test accurately in-game.

Edit: I made this into a topic: That Reddit thread about Zane's skills not working has errors


What platform(s) did you run your tests on and do you have any comment regarding this quote?

I play on PS4 and have never seen a blue transfusion trail so going off what you described in wondering if it (Schadenfreude) had even been working for me at all…

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I’m on PC, I think that comment was referring specifically to Violent Momentum supposedly functioning different on different platforms. I can’t confirm or deny those claims and I haven’t seen any of these “multiple tests”, they were not linked. Schadenfreude’s effect is pretty hard to see, especially in combat, I didn’t see it until I was testing it in isolation.

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What platform are you on my dude? I haven’t got a chance to play with Zane yet but from what Iver heard he has a lot of broke skills and the skills broken seem to vary from platform to platform.

Also the severity of which skill are effected(if at all) seems to vary based on platform.

My OP is a quote of this reddit thread; I would not be surprised that issues this numerous will vary across platforms. Sort the thread by newest comments to see others individual findings on specific skills.

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I’m a zane and I’ve never seen that blue trail from shadenfreude, ever. I’ve seen the little health things which share 75% of my damage with my clone, but I’ve never seen that blue trail to heal my shields.

on ps4.

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My drones radiation beam at lvl 50 is doing 1 -2 damage. On Xbox.