Complete noob to Homeworld. Planning to get a copy from steam

I figure if you can mod something then you can make machinima out of it, right?
My objective is to use Homeworld to make a 60min animated machinima movie.
I was going to use skyrim, but somebody suggested homeworld and it looks like more fun, also the min specs aren’t crazy high.
My coding background includes a few months of each of: Javascript, BBC BASIC, LibertyBASIC, C++ and C#. And two years on and off with python. I still consider myself a beginner, but I’ve been a beginner at coding for a really long time. I aim to get seasoned as a python coder and machinima maker. I don’t do 3d sculpting. My core background is in writing and design. So where to begin? What should I look at doing, is there a usual sequence of steps?

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Homeworld modding is done in lua. I would start by looking at the tools and tutorials thread to see what is possible: