Complete Tediore Reload Guide

Tediore guns aren’t reloaded like normal guns. Instead they are thrown at enemies and explode, dealing damage to them. The reload damage depends on the weapons base damage and how many bullets were left in the magazine when reloading (ammo left in the mag is lost after throw-reloading, except for launchers). Most Tediore guns behave like grenades and are boosted by grenade damage because of this. There are some exceptions though, like the majority of Tediore launchers.

Basic Damage Calculation

Reload Damage = Base Damage * Ammo Left in Mag * (1 + Grenade Damage %)

Reloading a gun after completely emptying the magazine will result in the same reload damage as having one bullet left in the mag.

Tediore Launchers

Tediore launchers are not boosted by grenade damage on their throw-reload (they deal launcher splash damage). The only exception to this is the Bunny. Tediore launchers also always deal explosive damage on their reload, no matter what element they have.

Tediore launchers don’t lose ammo after reloading them with rockets left in the magazine.

Tediore Shotguns

Tediore shotguns have a unique reload damage calculation. A hidden variable x that increases damage is determined by the pellet count of the weapon. 0-2 pellets result in +50% damage, 3 pellets result in +70% damage, 4 pellets result in +110% damage and every additional pellet increases that amount by 40%.

The Grog Nozzle’s drunk effect increases the pellet count and therefore also increases x. Each drunk proc adds 5 projectiles.

Damage calculation:

Reload Damage = Base Damage * Ammo Left in Mag * (1 + Grenade Damage %) * x

A list for the values of x:

Pellet count - x - (increasement)

0 - 1.5
1 - 1.5 - (+0.0)
2 - 1.5 - (+0.0)
3 - 1.7 - (+0.2)
4 - 2.1 - (+0.4)
5 - 2.5 - (+0.4)
6 - 2.9 - (+0.4)

Tediore Splatguns

E-Tech Splatguns spawn two little child grenades on their reloads. These child grenades deal 20% of the reload damage (without the pellet variable x taken into consideration) but are not boosted by grenade damage (they deal gun splash damage) and always deal explosive damage. The only E-Tech Tediore shotgun that doesn’t spawn child grenades on its reload is the Omen.

Most Splatguns only have one pellet, which means x is always 1.5. The Retcher is the only Splatgun that can have 3 pellets, which results in x being 1.7.

Damage calculation:

Reload Damage = Base Damage * Ammo Left in Mag * (1 + Grenade Damage %) * x

Child Grenade Damage = Base Damage * Ammo Left in Mag * 0.2


After being thrown the Deliverance seeks out enemies and homes in on them. While it does that it keeps shooting at the enemy it’s flying towards. The shots behave exactly like regular shots from the weapon and get boosted by gun damage etc. but are not boosted by grenade damage. The accuracy of the thrown gun never changes, even if your own accuracy is modified (for example by Zer0’s Precisi0n or Gaige’s Anarchy).

The reload damage of the Deliverance is calculated in a very unique way. Basically the pellet variable x always increases by 1.5 (150%) per pellet (at 0 pellets the reload literally deals no damage). However only 20% of the expected damage actually damages the enemy.

Damage calculation:

Reload Damage = Base Damage * Ammo Left in Mag * (1 + Grenade Damage %) * x * 0.2

x = Pellet Count * 1.5

Avenger and Infection Cleaner

The Avenger and Infection Cleaner are the same gun, except that the Infection Cleaner has (roughly) 5% more base damage and is locked to incendiary. They are the only Tediore guns that receive additive gun damage bonuses on their reload. This includes Amp damage, which makes these weapons extremely powerful. While they’re traveling they also shoots bullets in all directions, which deal the same damage as shooting the weapon yourself and are not affected by the ammo left in the mag but still get boosted by grenade damage. The Avenger’s reload bullets are the same element as the gun, while the Infection Cleaner’s are non-elemental. The explosions of the reloads themselves only deal 50% of the expected damage.

Damage calculation:

Reload Damage = (Base Damage * (1 + Gun Damage %) + Amp Damage) * Ammo Left in Mag * (1 + Grenade Damage %) * 0.5

Reload Bullet Damage = (Base Damage * (1 + Gun Damage %) + Amp Damage) * (1 + Grenade Damage %)


The Gunerang deals +50% damage on its reload.

Damage calculation:

Reload Damage = Base Damage * Ammo Left in Mag * (1 + Grenade Damage %) * 1.5


The Bunny is the only Tediore launcher that deals grenade damage on its reload. While it travels it spawns multiple child grenades that deal 80% of the reload damage each. Both the reloaded gun itself and the child grenades still always deal explosive damage though.

Baby Maker

The Baby Maker’s reload spawns one to two child guns upon explosion, that deal 125% of the reload damage each.

Unique Flight Patterns

Tediore Splatguns/Baby Maker = Since the child guns/grenades spawn once the gun explodes the best way to use these weapons is to aim at the feet/bottom of enemies so that they get hit by everything.

Deliverance = The Deliverence often seeks out the nearest enemy around you, so the best way to get some use out of the shots is to keep a certain distance to enemies and throwing it slightly in the air to score critical hits.

Gunerang = The Gunerang behaves, as you might have guessed, like a boomerang and comes back to you after throwing it. The best way to use it is to not throw it directly at enemies, but slightly to the right of them and if possible slightly into the air so it doesn’t get stuck anywhere and hits the enemy on its way back.

Bunny = The Bunny can easily kill you due to its reload being so unpredictable. The best way to use it is in an confined area so that it always bounces nearby enemies and its child grenades can deal a lot of damage. It’s recommended to only do that in FFYL though since you might just end up in exactly that otherwise.

Avenger/Infection Cleaner = The Avenger and Infection Cleaner explode after traveling a certain distance, not when they hit an enemy. The best way to use them is for stationary enemies like bosses (it would be absolute overkill for mobs anyway). Since they also bounce while traveling you should try to use them on a flat surface. The distance they travel can shorten if your ammo pool can’t completely refill your next magazine. The less ammo it refills, the shorter the travel distance (without any bullets they will just instantly explode in your face).

I hope this guide helps. Feel free to ask questions and tell me if I forgot anything or anything is incorrect. I found and tested all of the information in this guide myself, but I’m only human so there might be a mistake here or there.


This isn’t the case for most if not all Tediore launchers.


Thanks, added it. It is indeed true for all of them.


Do reloads take into account gun damage bonuses?


Only the Avenger does.


as I read this I imagine your vids on speed killing Hyperius with Axton. I never knew the Avenger had a “set distance” before exploading and not by contact. The “light bulb” just came on for me. lmao Thanks @DemoniteBL :acmaffirmative: