Complete your gear farming before you download the patch

Just a PSA to everyone. Play offline if there is any gear you want to farm from the base game. 14 new anointments are being added to the pool, so RIP farming again.

This recent change lowers the possibility of a specific anointment drop by a factor of 14.

I can’t see how adding 14 new anoints would reduce the % of getting specific one by a factor of 14. If there were 60 anoints in the pool before and 74 after then your chances go from around 1.67% to 1.35%.

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I don’t think you know what a “factor” is lol.

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i still stand by my take on this…

they should fix their difficulty scaling and rework anointments (so much powercreep)

What’s a factor then in the current context?

This would mean that getting a specific anointment to drop would be 14 times lower than it was before the patch. And as @ucfmatt pointed out, is clearly not the case.


Sorry, I stated that incorrectly. You are adding 14 anointments. But your chances do decrease as you are pointing out.

But you still should farm offline for the weapon and anointment you want, then go online again to download the patch.

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people without the DLC got screwed too…

we also get the new skilltree anointments :roll_eyes:

knowing GBX it will take them a few weeks to fix the crap this “update/downgrade” brought allong…

it seems they realy like fixing this kind of crap -_-

i dont want to flame, but the added anoints are a bad idea
i feel like we should have been reducing them not adding… especially character specific ones

Don’t farm pre patch gear. Let it go man… I can’t speak for anyone or about anyone but I got all rights to talk about myself;

I, like to move with the times. To be present in the “current” and not hold on to sentimentality or cling to known ways.

Running water never grows stale.

Seriously, drop your builds, sell ya banks and start again today… Gosh… Imagine a player base with baggage, which creates issues that aren’t apparent.

Its a new day.

Sell the banks lmao are you trolling so just sell all my consec hits my urads my next 2 mags sounds like a terrible idea i put in alot of hours to get those i will be buried with those on a usb stick lol.

I’m gonna sell my 380 bank and my bank has gods. COM’s and artifacts are another story, keepers but when you have multiple gods with perfect parts it becomes apparent that they ARE somewhat common and we have all the means to collect them/reason to go hunting.

COM, Artifacts, and infrequent dropped/walled off items are very precious, yes. The weapons that clog a lot of banks, not so much. New annoints are in game that change building a lot, ase and n2m can all go in the bin to some degree - new shadows new games

Tbh I sell off every thing that isn’t a god roll com shield or relic frees up space and ends up being less of a head ache mind you all my stuff is my still m6 this point lol

*edit sorry on the phone typing and missed all that just noticed now lol my bad

I got alota Trevs and Kybs and Lobs, ase and n2m, urad and ASA… Among many others. All these things never see the light of takedown, they may at some point? I dunno, but letting go is the real feat.

Clinging to security… I’m not gonna demand people let go of favorites as they bring joy for many reasons for many different people. I keep a Sleeping Giant with perfect parts because I’m fond of the weapon. Hoarding isn’t balance.
Balance in all things

its pree cool to let go, refreshing

Oh yeah I have the policy I can barely run my own life lol despite how I come across you do you lol but for me scrapping my stuff and just going bugger it I’ll farm m10 stuff on m11 like you said felt freeing rather than my own personal whaaa what do I keep and scrap lol