Complete Zane guide?


is there a complete zane guide which explains things like

-clone benefit from which stats
-clone can proc granade anointments
And just other nice to know things about him?

For moze I guess it would be something like:
IB only benefit from Action Skill damage when using rocketeer com (while not in IB)
Corecct me if im wrong…

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There’s a few things. They’re compiled in the Community Guide which is pinned at the top of this section.


Iron bear benefit from AS damage with any com.

Those links will take you to some good guides. In answer to this question, you need to specifically look for, “while Auto Bear is active” anointments to get a buff while Auto Bear is on extended life from a Rocketeer.

If you’re in Iron Bear, Action Skill damage should work as @Mahtyo mentioned, but once you get out, Auto Bear is technically something else. Correction: Action Skill Damage appears to work for both Iron and Auto Bear events (thanks for the clarification @Prismatic!).

Auto Bear gets Action skill damage. When in doubt check the damage formulas thread for Moze.


This and what Adabiviak said. I believe so too, that IB is something else but not an AS while in auto bear. This should change when you use rocketeer com.

But this is only an information I read a few weeks ago and don’t know where

Rocketeer changes nothing with how auto bear is treated. It just adds time to the duration. Nothing else.

Whoops, I am thinking of the, “While Action Skill is Active” anointment, not “Action Skill Damage”. I haven’t found one of those for Moze yet. Good to know though. :+1:.