Completed challenge randomly losing completed status

Played Nisha to 50 at TPS launch - zero issues ever with my completed challenges staying saved as completed.

Restarted TPS last week and with both my new Aurelia and Jack characters, am having random completed challenges no longer being marked as completed.
e.g. challenges I completed which were marked as done, are now marked as undone in my journal.

This is NOT a prestige reset, I’m saying have just started new characters with zero prestige reset yet, and usually either of these issues happen:

1- completed a challenge, say picking up all echo recorders on a map. Have had game save because I’ve travelled to a new map or exited game completely. Not always sure when because it depends why I look and notice in my journal, but I will notice hours or days later that this completed challenge is now marked not completed.

2- so far, the above has happened with challenges of the types:
a) find all echo recorders
b) Lunar Station specific - kill 5 power suits with no core explosions, and kill 5 power suits using core explosion - these two challenges seem particularly bad, they reset to not-done status a LOT for me
c) Veins of Helios specific - use all green jumps pads, or use all blue jump pads - I’ve had both these lose completed status

Once this weird un-saving of my completed challenge happens, I am allowed to do it again - and earn the badass points for it again. So on one had, cool - I get the points again without having to achieve an entire prestige reset. But mostly aggravating because I have to re-do it again.

Anyone else having this frustrating random bug?

Yeah, I’ve noticed the echo recorder challenges un-completing themselves, it’s not just you.