Completed HW 1 Remastered

Big thanks to Gearbox for remastered of HW 1 it gave me a lot of memories back in the days and it was a challenge next stop is HW 2!


Obvious troll is obvious. I can tell because you claim to have played the original and you’re not flaming.


Maybe he played original’s first mission only…


Currently on mission 14 and loving it

I played the original a ton back in the day but I am still really enjoying this…

I have played the original too, way back then, and I really like the remastered.

I’m loving it - just started Diamond Shoals and I’m taking a break to give some multiplayer a try with my friends.

Its so refreshing to hear people say that who actually played the original game :slight_smile: because a VERY vocal minority is currently trying to make this remaster sound like a total desaster because its not EXACTLY like they remember their 15 year old game …

I do agree that there are some bugs that need urgent fixing and the formations have to get fixed asap but some people raise nitpicking to a whole different level complaining about how this is not “their” Homeworld 1 anymore. To any sensible person it was quite obvious that a lot of mechanics will be more HW2ish since thats the engine being used.

So I’m glad there are still people who can enjoy the remaster despite not being a clone of the original with better graphics :slight_smile:


I guess many people who did not like HW2 at all are the ones that are now having problems to like HWR - thats understandable, after all it’s based on the same engine and retains very much the same gameplay mechanics. Judging by the reviews on Steam, that’s fine for 90% of the people, but sadly, 10% have expected different. And to a certain degree, I find that understandable, although I am certainly not one of them.

Yeah it is understandable, I agree :slight_smile: but it was pretty obvious that its gonna be more like HW2 (which I personally loved, so I don’t mind a bit that both games use its mechanics now :stuck_out_tongue: ) since its using that engine and as some modders have pointed out several times by now, some mechanics from HW1 are simply not do-able in the HW2 engine.

I’m just unsure if I should start playing the HW1 campaign or if I should wait until the first bug fixes are implemented as I never played HW1 and want a bugfree experience for my first time playing it and some people make it sound like there are severe errors/bugs in the campaign right now.

Some ppl are just too picky for there own good they should feel lucky that there is a remaster in the first place homeworld 1 came out in like 1990 era? that with new gfx is a blessing.

I hope with this there will be a homeworrld 3 and I am looking forward to shipbreakers. As for beta I wish they let us test it before it came out :wink: but ah well

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Just finished diamond shoals, so far, I love it. Played the originals, over and over, but this, this just totally gets my senses going again. That said, yes, they’re are differences, and aside from the formations falling apart, they are all anticipated given all the information that was provided. It got ported to the HW2 engine, so of course it’s going to behave much more like HW2, and that’s what I expected. I think you have to be reasonable about all this, don’t have an aneurism, enjoy the game, and if you can’t stand it, play classic, you got all 4 for$30, which is a great price considering what was delivered to us. Loved the game in the past, loving it now. Please consider moving forward on plans for HW3 before the team breaks up again! You guys have done a great job with the challenges presented! That said, fix the formations please. :slight_smile:

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I had to stop looking at the board last night our I would have gone on a flame fest on all the people flipping out on the HW1 not exactly the same crap. Totally burns my ass since these guys (and some of the original people too) really went out of there way to make the best remasterd update to a game I have seen. (since most remasterd games are just a res boost)
Let us not forget they went back and updated most of the art assets! Seriously this is a BIG BIG deal!!!
Then all the voice updates with original actors?!?!?
Then totally porting a game from a different engine over to the hw2+ engine
Then revamping the hw2 engine (other peoples code - is always a pain to edit more so for old code) trying to get it to do modern effects and levels of render but also being limited to a buggy scripting language with out redoing the entire thing.
Etc Etc etc
And then the Whaaaa! “this is not perfect in my little world. I have this game! total fail !! - rant rant -rant”

It is so good to hear people enjoying the game as it was made (even with normal and inevitable first day release problems)
I also am quite pleased and say good job we DO appreciate it!


I actually love the remastered. I am so glad and thankful to GBox for doing this. I do not care that its not EXACTLY the same. To hear that music again and Karen Sjet and to play through it again its just frankly awesome. And I played outta the box in 1999.

I’d start a big thank you thread, but the whiners would just burn it down… Which is a shame. :frowning:

I do like the remasters as well there aren’t many rts games glancing with these graphics while any true Homeworld fan gives a damn about the graphics and cares more for the s
Story it remains a fact that we have to thank Gearbox and most importantly their CEO for. As he as well is a passionate Homeworld fan and did a high gambling on an IP that’s been dead for over a decade. Naturally also best thanks& greetings to all former original devs & voice actors etc. involved in this…

The minority does hace a point though it wasn’t a true remaster now was it?? I was upset myself the moment I heard they ported it to the Hw2 Engine I knew what to expect. Well exactly this. Gbx has barely accomplished more than the modders had. Hw@ or Hw Universe mod had working Hw1 corvette behavior for example… Yet I still pre ordered and depite all the negative things I do like it very much… But I remain confident that some solution can be found eventually. Bugs getting fixed and perhaps 1 or 2 Hw1 core features yet still missing finding their way into the remasters at some point… So in essence I still call the remasters a total success…

They were doing that before release.

I know , your point?

Finished, but as strangly as it may sound, I think I liked Homeworld 2 better, not for its story but for its speed.
Homeworld 1 I was literly waiting 20 minutes to get my big ships to move from point A to B and that was getting a bit anoying.
I guese in the old days I had more time but the pacing was sooo slow.

Also there alot of bugs and akward pathing that needs to be fixed.
The ending song could have been something difrent, the adioh strings was overused IMO since it plays in the ending mission, then you have to lisen again at the end sequence, and again at the credits.

Can anyone tell me how to spot the dust pockets in mission 10 “Supernova Station” ? I don’t see any clouds at all which prevents me from getting any resources, let alone finish the mission.

I got the graphics cranked up to the max @1080p in case it matters.