[Completed] LF Face-puncher, offering Deathless

Hello. I picked up an extra Deathless artifact (should be pictured) and wanted to see if I could trade it for a Face-Puncher. I would prefer un-anointed, and melee attachment if it not a standard part for the item.


I have an extra facepuncher, will mail it to you, what’s your gamertag .


No interest in the artifact?

Don’t need it.

Roger that. Thank you.

Np sending it now for you

Receipt confirmed. Thank you very much.


Do you still have deathless?

I sure do.

What do you want for it?

One of the last things on my wishlist is an Infiniti pistol. Preferably not of the fire element variety.

No infinity spare, and I got to looking I need a different variant.