[Completed] LF Lvl 50 Rowan's Call Fire 3.3 Zoom and under

I have i can trade for it
Anointed Brawler Ward with 200% Increased melee damage Short time after using phaseslam
Anointed Firescale Long Musket ++ With 11% fire rate/26% reload after action skill
Anointed Lucian’s Call Cyro With 10% firerate 20% crit damage after exiting iron bear
Anointed The Transfromer With 13% reduced damage taken stort time after action skill
Anointed Arctic Reflexive Night hawkin With Enemies damage by rakk take 50% more damage
Desperate Entrenched Bloodletter
Elemental Projector/Last stand Deathless
Mirv Shock Hex
Cocky Flakker