Completed my first lore challenge

Just completed Miko Lore. Love the new colours. Loved playing Miko and healing my team mates and my favourite is stunning the hero’s so they can finished off or allow us to flee, the stun effect is great when you have Rath running at you.


Anyway time to decide who to play next?
I like support so looking at alani but she is hard to understand and unsure on how to get to stack the healing, maybe Ambra is easier to play or I might just change from support to attacking with mellka

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Alani builds up her healing stacks (osmosis) by attacking enemies; she’ll then use those stacks whenever she heals herself or a teammate.

If you want somebody completely different from Miko, go with Montana. :smiley:

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My husband a!ways goes Montana

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Don’t forget Klesse, he is a quite annoying and formidable support. More stationary for sure, and more eggy shaped too

He also attracts tons of bullets, specially sniper bullets and cursed arrows. If this is your thing you may give it a try.


Reyna is hands down my favorite support. She is quite different than Miko, though, but I highly recommend trying her!

Didn’t relized there was many options as support

Will give them all ago and see which one I like

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You might go Reyna or Kleese. They don’t support quite the same way that Miko does, but it’s the same general team slot.

I’d like to see someone who uses kleese as an actual healer. Same with ghalt.
Maybe try one of those out?
Kleese has healing capabilities, but most people don’t utilize them completely.

But honestly, I think the thing that would make you happiest is doing random select until you play a character that just clicks with you. That’s what I did until I found Kelvin. Lots of people think he’s garbage and I probably wouldn’t have selected him unless I was doing random. His playstyle and personality just clicks with me.

Reyna is a awesome supporter, you´ll love her!

But personally I´d recommend Orendi - its so much fun! :heart:

Not sure why no one has recommended Ambra. Even post nerf she’s awesome and I’ve never been out healed by anyone else using her in PvE. Haven’t tried her in PvP though, not as good in PvP I guess?

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Ambra is amazing! :heart: Most people underrate her because you rarely “feel her heal” in combat. You don´t realise her sun heals you in the back and thus many think she don´t heal at all. But as Orendi I love to have her backing me up, her healing seems to be more constant.

I also see maaaany people jump away from her solar wind and sunspots, as they´d be damaged by getting to close…
As I say: The team has to make the best of their healer. Even if the healer is a great player she/he cannot do a thing when people run away from his/her heals.

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I think it’s a shared responsibility, meaning a good healer will chase down teammates to ends of the planet to heal. I mean, when you play as Orendi you are pretty much under the spell of “bloody freaking frenzy” to kill kill kill right? :slight_smile:

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Of course a healer should keep an eye out for his more reckless mates, but as high velocity DD (Rath, Orendi, Caldarius, ect.) you´ve to learn when its time to pull out.
As Orendi as my main I´m always full on aggro, but only in PvE and when its appropriate. And I love Reyna most as Orendi because she´s a lifesaver of the 1st grade :smiley:
Alani comes second, its badass to ride her wave into battlefield, giving Orendi a huge speedboost.

Ambra has just a slower pace while being super effective if played right.

Yes, also true! But it’s so hard to pull out when you can kill… Right now I’m very undecided between Kleese, Ambra and Reyna as my main… Orendi is fun but when I get home after work, playing high velocity chars can get pretty tiring :slight_smile: