Completed Orendi's lore and no legenday

I completed Orendi’s lore challenge, and I wasn’t given her legendary. I’m not sure I even want to continue with her until this is fixed, because if I get to 15 I’m not going to receive her master title and the black and purple skin.

I know how you feel. Same thing happened when I completed Rath’s lore. Still waiting on them to fix the issue. I’m starting to get upset about the whole thing.

:sleepy: seriously…and I really like using her…just disappointing that they’d cut Alani down a second time and cut down legendaries before fixing something like this…

it shows I did indeed complete the lore

and here it shows that it is not completed…and because of this I have not received a new taunt, and no Orendi legendary…this is driving me mad.

They (devs) reported a few days ago that this was due to people abusing the leaver timer.

Have you ever left a PvE game and joined a PvP game while the story mission was still in progress? something like “this can cause a data desynchronization issue in our system”. I’ll try to find the post.

Edit: Found it. Battleplan #5

II know why it happened, I just want it fixed. I’ve completed her 100% and have no master title, no black and purple skin, and it’s just disappointing, actually extremely disappointing that they give you the option to quit out and then when you do it adds a side effect of glitching your character’s lore…completely ridiculous.