Completed Technical Nogout but no Nog Mask

As the title says I completed the mission and never received the Nog head.

I wanted that head for my character and never received it as mission reward. I received the grenade but never the Head cosmetic.



They should send the NogMask to all those who did not get it after completing the side quest.


glad to know I am not the only one. it’s literally the only head I want for any of the characters too

Only head I’m missing on Zane, really hope this gets noticed/fixed.

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yeah same im not sure whats going on but its not working as intended

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Is anyone able to confirm if Quinn’s Nog dying is what causes people to not get the head? I thought he was still alive after the invasion on my first run of the mission, and on my second run the nog definitely wasn’t there after the attack.

Do you all think every character has this head cause I’m missing one head on Zane and Fl4k and I don’t have this one

every character does have this head. there is a video from early reveal with Amara wearing it and more recent videos of Zane, Moze, and FL4K with the NOG head. In the video below (at point 1:35) he says he had to using console command to get the head? (I couldn’t really tell what he was saying :frowning: )

In my run the nog was still alive and i didn’t get the mask neither :confused:


I’m missing the Nog Head also, after all these quick fixes and last 2 patches that they wouldve fixed it by now.

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I’ve played through 4 times now and never received the head. Didn’t even know there was one till now. Lol

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waiting on the announcement it’s fixed before I try it again.

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Also missing the Nog head. Makes me wonder how many other custom items aren’t dropping or given as rewards as intended.

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I’m am missing several skins for ANY class. I was able to get creature feature for the siren but not for my main FL4K :frowning:

Has anyone come across any of these?

  • Atlas Classic
  • Candy raver
  • Crimson raiment
  • Gilded rage
  • Like, Follow, Obey
  • Maliwan Mood
  • Signature Style
  • Tropic Blunder

Someone on reddit said that the atlas classic skin is from the “Atlas, At last” mission and Signature style is from “The Great Vault” mission. But cannot confirm cause only one person is said to have found those cosmetics.


I have seen none of these, I’m an xbox player and I’ve been playing since launch, this is first I’ve even HEARD of these skins.

there are videos on YouTube of people showing off the characters’ whole “wardrobe”. The person on reddit said they got the skins from drops and the atlas classic and signature style skins are mission rewards. They said they play offline and they have the physical copy. I think they would be more people who can verify these skins if they are in fact only accessible though pc coding or physical offline gameplay.

IE console players are getting the short stick.

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not sure, need to find someone on console with physical disk to confirm that there is a problem for people with digital copies to get skins in game. maybe once devs find out what is happening, they can fix.

I’ve actually found some interesting information and am now trying a play-through offline and see what happens.

Cripes, makes me wonder how much other stuff I’m missing. I didn’t get the mask and the NOG was still alive, Lv50 Moze, PC, did it like 4 minutes ago.