Completely broken character select screen and all cutscenes

I’m on an Acer X34. 21:9 3440x1440. Cutscenes and character select screen are completely broken.

Cutscenes have uneven black bars(as in one side takes up 30% of the screen and the other side takes up 15%). The content is cut off and skewed, and the character select screen was so messed up Zane’s name was over an empty space because Zane didn’t exist.

Some people will likely get stuck on the character select screen.

But as soon as the intro was over the game played fine at 3440x1440…but basically all cutscenes are completely broken. Is there a fix in the works for this? How did this make it past QA?

After 10 years I don’t really want to wait I’ll just have a “memorable” first playthrough…lol

It’s not just me either. See this reddit post where others have the same issue:


Can confirm 2560X1080 same issue character select, cutscenes, and boss intros all messed up. You can tell they intended it to crop to 1080P on ultrawide but its not scaling properly.

Same. And I can’t change the vsync off…

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Ok solution found people Disable FidelityFX sharpening, it will fix cutscenes on ultrawide
Compliments of steik on Reddit


Awesome thanks datastar! Now if I could just figure out why I’m getting 50fps on a 1080 TI & i7-8700k…lol

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turning down material complexity and vol fog from ultra to high/medium gave me a solid 25fps on an i7 with 1070 stableish 60+ fps now

same here!!

Did you try the solution mentioned in the 4th post in the thread?

Can confirm experiencing the same screen cutoff issue on an Acer Predator Z35P in similar resolution.

When i put the game to full screen, it keeps minimizing to the desktop as if i was pressing Alt+TAB.
Playing in full window mode is alrigth tho. Anyone with the same problem?

There might be something wrong with your system.
I’ve got an 8600k delidded @5ghz and a 1080ti, solid 75fps with everything maxed except FidelityFX and render scale is at 100%.

If you have the latest game ready drivers from geforce experience, try rolling back one version. Rolling back gave me +25 fps avg.

You’re getting 75fps on Ultra at 3440x1440 resolution? This is the only AAA title I’ve ever played on this rig and gotten less than 60fps.

What is your social notifications setting? Just saw this post earlier today:

So, where do i find this “FidelityFX sharpeinng” thingy?? thanks in advance

Visual settings, in the Advanced tab.


Does this setting affect anything other than the cutscences?


Ok, so let me get this straight. You’re saying in order to play the game at a decent frame rate we have to settle with playing one of the great co-op experiences solo?

Ok, makes sense :unamused:

Social notifications is not the same as co-op. If you have it turned on you get a constant steam of ‘friend1 completed a challenge… friend99 found a legendary’ If you have a lot of people on your friends list all playing, it can become quite the barrage.

Notification stream != matchmaking.

Options<Visuals<Adcanced (the two gears)<5th option