Completely Broken, won't even launch!

Posted this in another thread but here is what I’ve dealing with.

Fired up the game, changed the graphics to badass, changed to DX12.

I was told to restart the game, so I did, now after the AMD splash screen my game locks up and its just the claptrap dancing scene over, and over, and over, and over. He glitches out as the framerate chugs and ■■■■.

I have completely reinstalled the game and it’s still broken. I have tried the fixes people have suggested with the GameUserSettings file and still nothing. (The file is blank) Maybe the game still somehow holds the old DX values even after reinstalling and it won’t read that file because it since it hasn’t made it past that screen it doesn’t think there’s anything there? No idea, if anyone could enlighten me on this issue I would be very great full!

Looks like I’m playing one of my most anticipated games in the last few years for a while…

I have the same problem and cant get over claptrap dancing, after a midfight boss crash.

It’s so bloody irritating I just want to play! WTF Gearbox!

I had the same problem. Try updating Windows (all the updates). Mine was severely behind on updates and it fixed the crashes completely for me.