Completely changed my mind about Gaige

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a year or so ago I posted how she was a boring character. Just pick up a Hyperion pistol with her and off you go.

But actually now I think she’s one of most fun characters! 1-man armying the game with her is really awesome, last time I wrote her off after NVHM but looking through her skills actually I am starting to think she could become my favourite character into the whole game.

From the looks of things I’ll be able to cause suitable, efficient and big damage with her with nothing but an electric shock pistol when I get to high enough level! Awesome :heart_eyes:

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I have yet to play very much of Gaige although I do like her character and the stuff she says. She’s adorable, and there are many player I’ve met who have claimed Gaige as their waifu but ok. One thing I have heard though is that there is a distinct lack of playstyles and variety. Either a shock build, melee Deathtrap, or full blown Anarchy. Obviously I’m not really in a position to speak on Gaige as I have very little experience with her but I do look forward to putting in the time with her as I already have with all other characters. Tons of people like her so she has to be worthwhile eh?


While I tend to play Gaige least of all these days, last year I picked her up again ( she had been sitting around level 65 ). I was completely lost at first but after I “got” her, she was definitely my new favourite character.

Her Peak runs to OP8 were easily the smoothest and most fun of the six.

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It’s not like this doesn’t work, but as you apparently found out, she’s got a lot more under her sleeves.

What specifically caught your eye?

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Gaige is an all around fun character. I enjoy playing her in all difficulties.

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Recently picked up bl2 again and started up my gaige. She is still just as fun as I remember. Try using the pimpernels on her (aim for the navel area).

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just she is capable of doing big damage with all weapons. Also the one thing I do get a bit sick of in this game (in UVHM) is having to switch to many different types of weapons, from the looks of things once I reach a high enough level with Gaige I can actually rely on a shock weapon (something I usually don’t like to do), and she has a auto-slag skill, like Maya (who I class as the other best character).

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Gaige is adorable AF and I don’t even mind when she screams like a maniac when the smallest of DOTs gets on her. :smiley:

I love it when she starts breaking the fourth wall when her stacks get high enough (“WHAT. ARE. YOU. DOING!?!?!?”)

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Hah well I wouldn’t know about that. I never usually let her stacks go much higher than a hundred

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You shouldn’t be able to aim.

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It’s called Discord.

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yehh so looks like I was wrong about this, really overestimated the power of Electric Burn skill…

Still excellent character but yeh you won’t be getting far in UVHM just using a Maliwan shock pistol

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The problem with EB is that the burn damage is a % of electrocute damage, and if the DoT ticks aren’t particularly big you do indeed have an issue. It’s a nice addition once you have Wires Don’t Talk and sufficient points in IO to pretty much guarantee slagging on the first hit. I tend to use the ED/EE/EDT/IO combination more with things like shock SMGs, a shock Butcher, or a Storm sniper, though. I find with Gaige’s LBT tree that to get the best out of the elemental components, you really have to go all-in with it. More here.

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I was wondering what I was going to do on Pandora this evening. Gaige is going to go find some Maliwan thing in a vending machine (her Thunderball Fists and Little Evie are a little too strong), and go light some dudes up 23 levels into UVHM.

edit - OP8, no BAR, no UCP, and some Maliwan things I found in vending machines: savage. Every single thing they hit me with was healthgate material. If I could survive, I could definitely kill them though… most of my time was spent in FFYL or running for my life, but the few moments when I wasn’t under a dog pile of Rabid, Tubby, and Fossil Skags, their health bars were draining.