Completely Jakobs Wilhelm?

After having played around with Wilhelm a bit, I got an idea to attempt a run through both normal, TVHM and UVHM using only Jakobs weapons and equipment, meaning no shield and grenade (though for the sake of being able to boost skills, a COM is allowed). Any thoughts on how this would be built/played? Using only Jakobs would invalidate Wilhelm’s laser boosts and shield skills, which are considered some of his best buffs, so an entirely different build would be required to account for this. I’m thinking of speccing him something like this:

Without a shield, I wanted to boost my max health as much as possible to make up for that, and to keep Saint out for healing as much as possible with Laser Guided and Auxiliary tanks, while also buffing critical hit and gun damage for the synergy with Jakobs weaponry. I’m unsure of where to put the last 10 points, so suggestions would be helpful.