Completely Lost Save File

Same here…
Lost 2 characters (both 17)… and back to NOTHING AT ALL!
I’m just able to create a new character and Begin the whole thing other from scratch.
I also had to make a choise between local and cloud save.
Hope Something will fix this.

Hey guys, I lost four levels on Fl4k and completely lost my Amara and Moze files. Luckily, I wasn’t really a high level in any of them. But it’s still a pain.

I chose to save my files to my harddrive and not the cloud. Does this make a difference? (Computer newb here.)

Thanks for listening!

epic games is so damn trash omg

no one from gearbox on here?

EPIC just replied from a ticket I made asking for a refund because of the progress I’ve lost.

‘‘I understand the issue you’re experiencing. Some other players have been reporting the same thing, and we are currently looking into it. Please expect another reply from me in a few days, once we have an update on the situation. Thanks for understanding! We’re staying open in case you have other questions about your Epic account.’’

I received the following upon asking for a refund. I explained that I was hoping to not have to do so, but the problem seems to be due to an issue with the cloud saves that they recently enabled. I was 30 minutes over the two hour limit but, given that the issue still seems to occur, I don’t really have any desire to spend more time replaying everything:

"First, we want to acknowledge your enthusiasm with the game. Before providing you some information. Indeed that we first check all of data’s that we have. Regrettably, your purchase is not eligible for a refund due to the in-game time limit exceeded.

We may not have granted your request at this time, but should you have any other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to inform us.

We’ll be doing our best to help you the next time you come in."

This may not be relevant to a lot of folks and I may be restating something again here but still my honest recommendation -

Turn off the cloud saves feature in the launcher
It seems to be rather unstable and we all got signed up to “beta test” it for Epic

You can also periodically back up your saves folder manually every few levels in case it gets corrupted somehow. Losing progress sucks, but I can’t think of any other ways to deal with it/try to prevent it

another way to prevent this is to exit to menu after each level because everytime you exit the game saves

Also lot my save, and I went into the save files and it overwrote two of them so I am not able to go back into. If you get that window that opens to ask for hard drive or cloud save, try going online first and IGN had a short guide on how to find your save file if you google “borderlands 3 save file”. Try using this instead to recover the proper save file because by the comment it sounds like the options they give you don’t matter.

I checked my options a bunch and the cloud was the proper one and it reset my Moze back to 14 from 20 and about 6 hours of game play time including some hard won fights… best of luck trying this option

This happened to me as well I woke up this morning super excited to continue the story and Epic Games brought me to that same window “Save to cloud or machine” I really didn’t understand so I randomly clicked on one (probably cloud), but to my understanding if you click on either one you’ll lose all progress. There is no way on getting back… Please share and tell your friends to click “cancel” and “disable cloud saves” it will mess up everything.
My FL4k was a level 28 then it went to lvl 14 legit had to grind another 8 hours to get back to where I was. (Actually came out a little better because I got better gear and better legendary drops)

lost mine and both were timestamped at the same time im so pissed

Can anyone confirm that they’ve had the pop message and have DEFINITELY selected the most recent of the two options, yet have still lost progress?

Also, can we confirm for sure that disabling cloud saves (assuming it’s currently enabled) will NOT cause this problem in itself?

Vertigo_ I can confirm I hit the most recent save which was the cloud and still the game reset both my characters that I just got done grind…■■■■■■■ sucks I had the weekend off and played nonstop for nothing

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I have made two characters now, one being lvl 35 and another lvl 31.

I turned off the game and came back on to have no characters, no notifications appeared nor anything about file locations. fml

@Vertigo_ yep I did the same and I lost my character. Even though I said pull data from my other computer.

I chose to import cloud data on my computer and I lost 11 hours of progress, wish me luck

@crumpofunko I did the exact same, I had around 11 as well and poof gone. Epic was no help, said to contact gearbox.

So, let me get this straight:
-If the game crashes during playthrough, the save file gets corrupted
-Next time you run the game, a window pops up demanding you to choose between cloud or local stored save files
-Picking local, your character gets erased because it’s corrupted. Picking cloud, you get an outdated character.
Am I right? Not trying to be rude, I just want to try to clarify some stuff. As it seems, the most logical temporary solution would be to back up the save files constantly and to save after each level. Still, it’s pretty messed up.

Same thing happened to be went from 12 back to 2. Disabled cloud saving but still very upset bc I am now very behind my friends.

I only lost 2 levels… from 22 back to 20… but this is more than a little bug.

Sorry Epic / Gearbox / 2K / Whatever - but relying on automated saving is MANDATORY for games like this… and this is an epic fail.

So please do your homework and fix that and - very important - TALK to us! We are paying you for your work and i expect the product to be fully functional since i did not see any “BETA” notice anywhere.

Thank you very much… now i go and kill that annoying Rampager AGAIN…

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