Completely Lost Save File

My girlfriend and I have logged about 15 hours into the game since the PC launch on Thursday, with the lion share last night. She logged in this morning and has lost almost all of her progress, going from level 22 to level 10 and being on the very first zone again.

We haven’t logged her into any other devices, so there shouldn’t be an issue with her cloud saves that some folks have experienced (going from one PC to another, etc), so I am at a total loss for how to move forward. I’m level 22 and she’s level 10 and we’re pretty disheartened. She’s also lost several Golden Keys we redeemed because her saved game doesn’t have them, but we can redeem the codes again because Shift has them shown as already redeemed. Is there any possible fix here?


The same happen to me today, when I was try to launch the game but it say my save was corrupted and lost my progress and was reset back from lvl 43 to 34 and reset back to story even though me and friends finish the story. Is there any way to fix this problem?

i just lost all my progress too!! WTF

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This happened to me as well, was it after epic games asked you some sort of cloud save question?


YUP i chose cloud saves and boom it was gone

Uh-oh. Hasn’t happened to me yet, but I’ve pre-emptively disabled cloud-saves in the Epic client. For those who get that window asking about whatever, please make a screenshot of it and report what happens when you choose not to use the cloud-saves.


Thats exactly what happened to me. I went from a lvl 32 to lvl 18 and im really far back in the story. So far this forum are the only other people i found who also have this problem and no solutions. I was thinking maybe if i could figure out how to access epic games’ cloud saves?

Do you recommend turning off cloud save?

Yeah, turns out she was asked when she logged in “Cloud save or local save”, and she chose local save. Which was clearly not the save to choose… The timestamps will show you what the most recent save is, if you’re asked that question, so make doubly sure you’re selecting the most recent save files - otherwise I’m pretty sure we’re ■■■■ outta luck, so i’m powering her through the story we already did now…

Weird thing was, why wasn’t I asked that same question? We’re in the same house, playing together at the same time? Very confusing and unfortunate situation. She’s lost 10 golden keys and close to 10 hours of play time.


super frustrating, thanks for replying tho. i hope someone comes through with a fix soon XD

i chose the cloud and when I log in my progress and lvl was gone

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the same for, it appears that choosing local files is how you avoid this? is there any way to undo the selection? or revert the save?

Are you 100% sure she chose “local save”? It sounds like she chose “cloud save”.

have the same problem anyone know how to fix this

afraid not, ive tried contacting epic games through their hep option about it but have yet to receive word

I’m pissed…I’ve spent hours lvling up. All for nothing. I am back to lvl 13…

fr, i pumped quite few hours into the game and im pretty sure i was about to beat playthrough 1 as a lvl 32 moze, now im back on promethea as lvl 18 moze

Sorry to hear that :confused: I really hope they can at least compensate with something?

yeah it just happened to me, i lost everything from where i logged off, back to level 10 and lost my legendaries.

i hope so too, but i havent heard anything back and so far we are the only people i can find experiencing this problem