Completely Lost Save File

I turned off enable cloud saves in epic games settings. I hope this works…

is there a way to access epic games cloud saves? i feel like the way to fix it would be through that

Me too. If there is a way to get my progress back. I’ll be happy, let me know if you find a solution :slight_smile:

thanks man, me too ill keep you updated if i find anything. btw what lvl are you rn?

Well I just hit 19. But now since I lost my progress, I am back at 13. Not as bad as yours, but still mad I wasted those couple of hours this morning.

She 100% hit “Local Save”, and I think it’s a double whammy because she’s been having issues with he OneDrive as well - maybe a perfect storm? My buddy had the same question posed to him, and he chose Cloud Save and was totally fine.

Pretty janky and frustrating situation, to be sure… And like I said, I think we’re mostly out of luck. Fortunately we weren’t super far into the game (I guess?)

Lots of wasted time and 10 golden keys we can’t re-redeem, but what can you do…

happend to me aswell went from lvl 25 back to lvl 11. After loging out because my audio was buggy.


I picked the other option and still went from 21 to 10. lost all my progress, gear and skins


Do you think it would be possible to get our progress back?

Oh jeez. So it’s a mess, I guess…

Can someone actually make a screenshot if that message ever re-appears? I’ve not seen it, but I’m sure there might be a “time-stamp” on both settings. Kinda the way Steam does it. Usually it’s the best idea to use the more recent version.

this is wat the message look like


Played with my GF and a friend, my girlfriend got pushed back from 18 to 13.
Me and our friend are still at correct 18 …sucked real big time and it ended this gamesession with a grudge…

This actually happened to me twice. I played last night, I went from 13 to 16. Then when i turned it on this morning, it went back to 13. So I tried again and went 13 to 19. Then when i restarted, I am now 13 again T_T

Thanks for that! Even though it’s by far no guarantee, I’d always say to use the “newer” option. Though with people reporting that this happens even when using the technically newer file, it might’ve been a game-update (internal one, in the main-menu) causing this issue.

Happened to me too. I lost my shift keys too! YAY, great game LUL

Same thing JUST happened to me. I chose local since it seemed like the right choice, but I guess I was wrong!

Anyone got a reply form epic yet?

Wonder how long it will take them to even say anything about this. I want a refund tbh. Makes me not wanna play anymore.

ikr lmao. Like I haven t saved over my cloud technically so if they can somehow manage to pull it out and my old save data is alive I m good but if not. Same… I want a refund. Like this game is already POORLY optimized on PC and hard enough to play, then this happens… I just wanted to have a good time…
PS I`ve lost around 15 hours of gameplay…

Just to let you guys know I guess…I found some forums on steam about Recurva which is like some program that can find old version of file. But it doesnt work, so just in case there are some people here planning to try. Its pointless.

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I had the same happen to me also but I lost all my golden keys and my all the stuff i got from rewards and it won’t let me get them back