Completely Scammed because of Bugs

So, I’ve been having a bug a lot of people have been having. My game freezes on the claptrap loading screen. I was on DX11 to begin with when I checked my settings and have tried all the changes people mentioned. My computer should be able to run it. But I’ve been stuck trying to get past the loading screen since I bought the game yesterday.
Because of that, the game says I’ve logged a bunch of hours. I was never playing, the program was frozen, broken, unresponsive, crashing, looping infinitely. I have not been able to successfully play the game at all. But I already know I’ve ‘logged’ too many hours on the game, despite never playing.
I’m never getting my money back am I? I’ve been completely and utterly scammed out of $60 that could have bought me a lot of stuff. And I’m assuming its going to take weeks or months for them to even fix this problem, if they even bother to at all. Is this why they made it an epic exclusive? So they could rip people off who try to play the game and end up logging too many hours? I feel so sick rn its not even funny, I just wanted to play the game, not have $60 go down the drain.

Just chill out, I’m having the same problems. Just give it time for them to fix it.

Sorry to hear you’re having problems, please submit a support ticket here: The folks on the desk will try to help trouble-shoot your specific issue and get you up and running. Please note that you may not get an immediate human response as, with the game just launched, the desk is quite busy.