Completing all mission on advanced, need players

I really need some players to help me do these missions on advanced playing with randoms online is not good their all so bad and don’t help much at all

My gamer tag is jebus is pro, so message me I’ll invite u to a party

Whenever making a post asking people to play, remember to also include your platform! :slight_smile:

I’d join! If I didn’t have the Deluxe edition which prevents me from joining anyone! (GT:TheDarkLegions BTW!)

I’m Xbox one btw, I have the deluxe edition what do you mean you can join anyone?

My game is being a bit difficult, It won’t allow me to join anyone or play online.

Got ya moved to the X1 co co op category.

Best of luck!

Thanks haha

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Ice Cold Jay D

Add me. No mic, but I will follow advice/instructions if they make sense.

Me and another are currently running story advanced, GT is f4t45h35…message us for group up