Completing Athenas

Hi, I am missing 1/2 red chests. Chest 1 door opens after completing related quest (holy spirits?) I did that quest a while ago, but maybe forgot to open the chest afterwards. now the door is closed. chest 2 at the end of the map doesn’t seem to count. ran all the way in mayhem 1, opened it… still 1/2… back to chest 1 connected with the quest… door is locked and now way to do that quest again … any idea on how to get that chest to complete the map 100%?

thank you in advance.

Find someone else running the side quest in the same mode (normal/true) and join their game. Hopefully that should get you the second chest. (Note that you must complete the optional objectives for the other chest.)

Are you on PS4?

If so THIS is the method I used and can confirm it is working still since I only just did it recently.

yes I am on ps4, main story completed… trying to clear all of the maps now…

really? I need to find somebody who hasn’t done the side quest? no other way to get to that chest? (actually I think I already opened it during the quest, but I am not 100% sure🙄)

If it’s the second one in the side room on the way out then yes, it only opens when you complete the optional side quest objective.

I don’t know if that’s the chest you need or not - I suggest checking the interactive loot maps (sticky pinned at the top of this section) to figure out if it’s that one or another that you simply missed.

If it does turn out to be the one you need, the only other way to do it would be to reset your entire TVHM play-through, but that seems rather excessive…