Completing Boldur lore


Me and a friend are trying to complete Boldur’s lore, the one were the whole team needs to be Eldrid. It wont take too long, as we just have to wipe until we run out of lives and that will complete it. It should take 5 minutes.

PSN ID: deadpixel_EXE

Hey again! I’d be fine with joining you. Got some good and bad news.
Good: you can play in hardcore and just all jump off together. Small time saver.
Bad: you can’t do challenges in private. Must be in public. They’re working on allowing lore in private, but things like Worthy of Song never will become available there

That is fine, I kinda wondered. What is your PSN ID?

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You can get lore challenges in private story mode. Not private PVP

One extra 4 from here lol. We’re already friends. I played as marquis in that 100 ops hardcore run a few weeks back or so

Well, yes, but he specifically meant private 5v5s. Sorry for potential confusion

I never looked at your name, haha.

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I can help as well if you still need to complete. I have a second account also and can run 2 chars if needed. Just msg me some time when online. Thanks.