Completionism and open missions

Is anyone else fanatically tidy in the way they play Bl2? I’m testing the digital waters here to see whether I’m weird.

I really hate having lots of missions on the go… I try to only pick them up if I’m going to finish them. I like not being told to go off somewhere. I also have to get every optional objective (though I don’t know whether there’s any benefit to that).

So I’m in a dilemma about Doctor’s Orders and The Beard Maketh the Man. They have great use if I keep them open but that just massively bugs me. Am I weird?

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Yes, you’re weird! Just like the rest of us. Move on! :wink:




I think I can beat you on ‘weirdness’.

I do every mission. I do not keep any uncompleted in order to hang onto mission guns.

I scour every map for the area challenges as soon as it is possible.

I tend to play methodically and try to maximize my challenge progress (always be crouching when using ARs, never scope in with snipers until the no-scope challenge is done, etc).

I also don’t particularly like red-text gear - I mainly stick with generic guns. Which in a way makes farming for the ‘perfect’ gun even more difficult!

I play a lot more cautiously than most of the gameplay vids put up on youtube I’ve seen. I tend to hang back, use cover, and take potshots (I really like the Dahl burst-fire gimmick for this).

So, nope, plenty of other weirdos around!


Phew! Lol. That damn assault rifle challenge… I’ve done it once, as Maya. I rebound crouch to right click i think. It’s one of those challenges that I might be able to overlook except you get a skin from it, so I have to.

Yeah, 3,200 kills for that challenge seems just a little bit excessive. But it’s there, and tied to a skin, so I have to do it…

It’s kind of strange how tedious that one is, while a bunch of others (such as vendoring items) are so easy to get even if you’re not even trying.

e: I leave crouch on C, but I have it set as a toggle in the options page. So half the time I’m basically doing a duck-walk through firefights…

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Not weird, just haven’t played long enough. Eventually you get to a point where you’re, “Meh, not gonna care”. You need to finish your thesis before you dedicate the time required to get to that point though.

(Not that I’m nagging or anything, you understand - I’ll let @Gulfwulf do that!)

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Yes! The answer is to play more Borderlands! Thank you! Oh wait… damn it.

Just as long as my supervisor never finds my Steam profile I should be ok :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

And oh yeah, @Gulfwulf is the model of academic motivation, I honestly don’t know how I got any work done before he came into my life… :dukefp:


[quote=“hattieinduni, post:1, topic:1547160”]Is anyone else fanatically tidy in the way they play Bl2? I’m testing the digital waters here to see whether I’m weird.

[/quote]For certain values of “fanatic”, sure (but you’re still probably weird :stuck_out_tongue:).

[quote=“hattieinduni, post:1, topic:1547160”]I really hate having lots of missions on the go… I try to only pick them up if I’m going to finish them. I like not being told to go off somewhere.[/quote]I keep my mission log very clean as well.

[quote=“hattieinduni, post:1, topic:1547160”]I also have to get every optional objective (though I don’t know whether there’s any benefit to that).[/quote]I can pass on these. Of the dozens of times I’ve done the Hyperion Contract 873, only once have I bothered to get all elemental challenges, for example.

[quote=“hattieinduni, post:1, topic:1547160”]
So I’m in a dilemma about Doctor’s Order and The Beard Maketh the Man. They have great use if I keep them open but that just massively bugged me. Am I weird?
[/quote]I kept it open to get my hands on J3NKN5 and a couple of good starter relics, but closed it up after that. Finally being free from the shackles of farming has made this game massively more enjoyable for me. Picking up legit Grog Nozzles from the Loot Hunt, which allowed me to close that mission, might have been one of the top 3 highlights of that event.

The spreadsheet that I use to load-balance my TPS characters’ loadouts, keep track of my BL2 allegiance loadouts, and roll weighted dice to decide what to play might be the weirdest thing for me. I mean, it has a pie chart that I use to see how close a character is to being able to prestige based on all the challenge levels.


Do optional mission objectives do anything but progress the Compl33tionist challenge?

I end up going out of my way to do them anyway because a little corner of my mind gets paranoid that I’ll get to a point where I have no more missions with optional objectives before I finish the challenge (even though I know worst case is that I have to reset UVHM once or twice).

They don’t seem to give any better loot or rewards. What about experience, cash, reactions/voice lines from NPCs, etc?

!!! I’m so pleased to hear you say that. I wasn’t going to put it here because I thought it might seem too weird, but yesterday I went through my mules and compiled a proper index of what loot I have and where. Before I had loot coming out of my eyeballs and a lot of duplicates; now I’ve kept what I need and know where to find it. It was quite effortfull but very satisfying.

Tell me more! That pie chart sounds awe-inspiring, I would have expected nothing less. How do the dice work?

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I vaguely remember a training message saying you get more money if you complete the optional challenges?

You could say that. I have done the story so many times that I have a set way of doing things down to the smallest detail. I know when I’m going to hit Vault symbols. I clean up whole areas of their mission is one go. I have set times for item farming along the way. Seriously, the whole chain of events is set in a very precise order every single time.


Excellent! I’m not quite as structured about where I roam, but I understand. I think, as an enterprising Pandoran imperialist, it’s a place where I’m in control of things (as opposed to the rest of my life!). Completing area-based challenges adds to that (I’ve got all the vault symbols at least once… though I did have to look up where some of them are. I would only have found the Holy Spirits one myself if I’d actually got drunk at that bar, passed out in the bathroom and woke up with it above my head).


[quote=“hattieinduni, post:11, topic:1547160”]Tell me more! That pie chart sounds awe-inspiring, I would have expected nothing less.[/quote]The pie chart just lets me see visually how close I am. I enter the challenge level in the sheet under the appropriate column, and the chart just shows the total of these values as a portion of 485, which is what’s needed to reset. It also lets me easily spot low-hanging fruit if I want to make a push. Not that I can’t see this in the game, but then it would’t be weird.

[quote=“hattieinduni, post:11, topic:1547160”]How do the dice work?[/quote]I have a list of maps in a column, with an entry for each side mission available in each map with a minimum of 1 (since some maps don’t have missions, but I want them in the list anyway). The entry is for where you accept the mission, not where it actually takes place. Southern Raceway, for example, has one entry (as there are no side missions that can be accepted on that map), where Sanctuary has 35 (1+34 missions). This “weights” the dice according to how many side missions are available in any given map, so Sanctuary should come up more than Southern Raceway in this example. These have an index that I use as the primary key to identify them uniquely. There is a second list of all my characters with a similar key. Then there are two random number generators that pick random numbers from each of these sets of keys. I use a VLOOKUP function to display the map associated with the randomly chosen number (and a second for the character). The sheet is all cleaned up so you only see the output (and there’s a little square next to them that changes color when it’s running to doll it up a little). Pressing and holding F9 will force the cells to recalculate their formulas, which causes the random number generator to constantly throw numbers, which causes the display to quickly flash the different combinations that come up (faster than I can read). Whatever is on screen when I let go of F9 is what I play (just to add some salt… wouldn’t want to be accused of gaming my own system here to try to get my favorite maps to come up more often). :nerd:

I have one for TPS (I haven’t weighted it yet), and one for both TPS and BL2 at the same time. My BL2 loadout sheet is color coded and formatted by element, rarity, Gemstone, E-Tech, and Moxxi-theme, although I haven’t really used that since I got them all balanced according to my rules. The TPS loadout I still use, as I still occasionally come across some new weapon, and I need to figure out to whom it should go.


This is wonderful! I think it’s a fair bet your job involves spreadsheets?

My problem with BAR right now is I’m coming up to 20% (I love prestiging) but I’m not sure whether I should keep spending tokens. It’s against my completionist instinct to have them unspent though!


I tend to keep missions open only on UVHM now, although I still my Grog Nozzle from the loot hunt a few years back, so I could close that out and not suffer for it :smile: I still have yet to get all the Vault symbols, especially the one in Hyperion Slaughter and the second Terra one :disappointed: I’m a completionsist- got all the 1st level challenges done on one character to complete that challenge on the 360 :sunglasses: Now that I know there’s a reward tied to it, I now have a reason to do the Crouching Tiger, Hidden AR (or whatever) to completion. I’ve also Prestiged all 6 OP8 characters twice each but have yet to try that with the new ones (my BAR is currently at 25% with about 630 unspent tokens…).

Yes, but the first one was when I had a deadline and you knew it :imp: :grin: Anyway, you don’t have an ‘original contribution to knowledge’ to produce mister. By encouraging my procrastination, you’re starving the world of my vital research. Ever think about that?

Oh wow, that’s impressive! I only have Krieg and Maya up to OP8 so far, though I’ve been working quite a bit on Axton lately. Still feel pained about stopping token spending… :worried:

[quote=“hattieinduni, post:16, topic:1547160”]I think it’s a fair bet your job involves spreadsheets?[/quote]It involves a lot of numbers, and Excel is a wonderful tool for “small” data sets. I use it for everything from quick formulas that aren’t easily done otherwise (how many days are there between 3/4/2015 and 9/26/2016, for example) to SQL queries (since I’ll usually be farting around with the data in Excel anyway), to automated website publication (supervisors like the “graph paper” for maintaining the schedule, and I like not having to email the schedule to other departments whenever it changes), to analysis for marketing (what do you mean you’ve never looked at our flex offers in the context of our yearly seasonality?), to audit worksheets (with seven formula-based layers of conditional formatting for our auditors’ convenience), to mail merge sources (I drop flags in the source and use if-then statements based on these in the destination document for flexibility), to basic spreadsheets for accounting purposes. I have not played around with the 3D rendering engine though, because it’s honestly beyond my ken (although it would be a hoot to animate an actual die for the map chooser).

[quote=“hattieinduni, post:16, topic:1547160”]I’m not sure whether I should keep spending tokens.[/quote]BAR is great for taking the edge off the game, especially in UVHM. If you spend too many tokens and surpass this level (which will vary between people), BAR will become unavailable as a game softener and turn into a steamroller. Some people like this, but because you can’t go back, make sure you’re comfortable spending them before you wind up crossing that line. You can always turn it off, but if you “break” it by spending too many, you lose the option to have it soften the game by an amount that you like. I’ve parked mine at ~20% across the board with 191 unspent tokens, for example. If I spent them all, I don’t think it would break the game (the returns are pretty small per token now), but you see what I’m getting at.

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