Completionist achievement

Are you…serious? I thought I was never going to unlock this because Gee is impossible…I FINALLY get a good group today and beat him. The achievement does not unlock. From looking right now…I have done every single sidequest in this DLC. Anyone have a clue why this happened?

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Confirm you have completed every mission listed below:


Burying The Past
Fire Water
Giving Jocko A Leg Up
Hyperius the Invincible (Available once final story mission is handed in)
Mans Best Friend
Master Gee the Invincible (Available once Hyperius the Invincible Mission is handed in)
Message In A Bottle [VIDEO]
Treasure of The Sands
Hayter’s Folly

Message In A Bottle [VIDEO]
Washburne Refinery

Don’t Copy That Floppy
Freedom of Speech
I Know It When I See It

Catch a Rise, and Also Tetanus
Declaration Against Independents
Faster than the Speed of Love
Just Desserts for Desert Deserters
Message In A Bottle [VIDEO]
Smells Like Victory
Smells Like Victory
The Rustyards

Crazy About You
Message In A Bottle [VIDEO]
The Hermit
Magnys Lighthouse

Message In A Bottle [VIDEO]
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If you have completed every mission below and it still doesn’t unlock then it is possibly a in game glitch