you let it get to you?


It’s not fun being once lol. I’m actually slowly controlling my need to do everything a quest gives me…slow breathing and keeping a calm mind----AAAAAH COME ON!!! WHAT DO YOU MEAN I MISSED 1 HEADSHOT THAT’S TOTAL ?#@*&%! (Slaughter Dome quests)

I tend to be a completionist however when I play characters that are more crit base. So whenever I’m playing Sniper Zer0 or Maya in general cause…Phaselock then Snipe is so easy lol.

My completionist part of me seems to disappear, once I reach TVHM/UVHM cause…I’m so far into the game I seem to not care how I finish the quest lol. I either want to rush it so I can enter UVHM mode or I’m in UVHM and I just wanna face the boss/raid boss quick as possible.

So do you let it get to you? How bad is your inner completionist lol? You know that 1 headshot I said up there…I restarted the game cause of that. That was a long time ago though I’m----I’m not like that anymore. Nervous Smile :sweat_smile:

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I’ve restarted the Save the Turrets and Hyperion Contract #873 challenges over in my early days of playing this game but now I can live w/o it- knowing that I’ve already completed the challenges at least once eases the pain a bit…:sweat_smile:

Nope. In fact I skip side quests I don’t like.

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Ugh…the nightmares of that Contract quest. :sob:

Oh god yes, I’ve been obsessing over the 100% challenges achievement since I got the game… it’s the terramorphus vault symbol that’s got me stuck. I think there’s an easier way to do it in coop but I’m not sure I could find a coop partner willing to assist in trivial things like that :stuck_out_tongue:

Also I really wish the game had an opportunity to stop doing objectives for a bit, for some reason it upsets me being told I should be off doing something when I’m farming…

It is such a pain to get that second symbol there, think they made that one just a little to hard. I’ve got it once , but you have to time it perfect

Nope do it at my own pace, I do tend to not to reset the Bar Challenges until every single one is done, just does not seem to count in my mind unless every last one is complete :wink:

I have 1 character dedicated to 100% the game. Haven’t touched it in months. It lvl 46 still in nvhm finishing the Tina tiny dlc and hh packs. This includes all side quest and bar challenges.

[quote=“hattieinduni, post:5, topic:1275928”]Also I really wish the game had an opportunity to stop doing objectives for a bit, for some reason it upsets me being told I should be off doing something when I’m farming[/quote]I keep all my missions clean; once I’m through the storyline, I only fire up one side quest at a time (per character), with full intentions of completing it in that playthrough. It is refreshing in a weird way to not have a standing mission all the time, especially if I plan on just romping around some map.

I’m very much a content completionist; I’ve become quite frustrated by the incompatibility between playing multiple DLCs and finishing TVHM at level 50. I’d hoped to do the remaining DLCs at the start of UVHM but that has worked very poorly. So at this point I’ve dusted off my level 51 Axton to faceroll through Torgue, Hammerlock, and the last bit of Tina’s DLC in NVHM just so I can finally complete them all. It’s pretty boring, but at least they’ll be done. I guess the various Circles of Slaughter would be next, since I think that’s the only other non-raid content I haven’t done. (To clarify, this is player completionism, not character completionism - I personally want to complete each DLC at least once. Whether any specific character does so is not particularly important to me.)

I’m guessing the OP refers to some optional quest objective or BAR challenge for one of the Circles of Slaughter? For those, my answer becomes “not really” instead. I’ll do optional objectives or BAR challenges if I can, but it doesn’t bother me if I can’t. Slab UHF is never going to happen for me, for example, and that’s fine.

Yeah, the levelling vs mission difficulty can be quite annoying actually, especially if you want to be thorough. One of the reasons I enjoy UVHM so much (there are some reasons why I don’t) is because it makes all missions and areas relevant at all times