Complex Mod Official Gameplay video released!

Here’s a video the new Complex Mod!


Is this with or without these features they said they cannot show?

I think this is the final product. Albeit, finishing touches

Nah, this is a few months old, and is pretty ‘clean’ in terms of new stuff or changes from the patch the public has seen. If anything, their stoppage is a function of our changes that are ongoing. We change/break stuff, and their edits and variations to core files are either busted or hard to resolve. In some cases, as we’re ‘experimenting’ to find the ideal to solution to a problem, they get caught in the middle. So they’ve backed away from following our builds.

My big worry is that they won’t take time to re-evaluate their design and the mechanisms behind it once our work is done… Leaving their stuff much weaker than it could be. But hey, we’ll see…

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Well it was only uploaded yesterday…

The graphical overhaul is amazing though.

Just only adding one more rendered image of hiigaran vortex.


You know I was scared that the Vortex would be cut from the mod.
This is amazing!!! (I need some new adjectives)