Complex Root Farm

I’ve read that Lani Dixon is supposed to drop it but I’ve killed her at least 20 times now and not a single legendary item dropped. Any suggestions on another location to farm or a way to get her to drop it? (same situation with the Monarch as well (Farming Killavolt))

Should say Killavolt at the least is dropping legendaries.

I have noticed that killavolt seems to be dropping a lot less monarchs As well I don’t know if it’s just rng but it feels off. I farmed him 67 times only got one to drop.

I was farming all the minibosses In DLC3 today and ether they tstealth adjusted their drop rates because I was consistently Not seeing legendaries whereas before I was getting 2-3 most of the time or it is a really really bad RNG today.

The Ruiner drops the DLC and he is a chump but if you aren’t confident in killing him I found a glitch where if you aren’t all “in” the jump pad you can land on an invisible ledge at the hole in the wall and you can kill him without any risk.

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Lani Dixon does drop it … patience and persistence will be your friend playing this game, but you will need a lot of both.

It often drops as a world drop too.

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problem with that tactic is that i can beat him on Mayhem 10. But i have to use the light show. and hit his legs for optimal damage

I have farmed alot of the mini-bosses and actual bosses for DLC3 but i have never seen it drop

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If you’re on pc I can give you a few. Mine are all lvl 60 M10.

sadly on PS4

I’ve got a couple from her but had better luck farming Ruiner.

All of mine have come from Flipper runs and the Quartermaster.

Ruiner just dropped 2 Roots for me on one kill.

My favorite boss to farm in DLC 3 is Laserdactyl. The fast travel point is very close and there’s an ammo vendor there. It’s a very quick kill. I’ve gotten most every DLC 3 gun from there, including quite a few Complex Root.


It really is a great quick load spot.

If you go the other direction, about the same distance, you get to the Proprietary License farm.

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Hi I have just noticed this as well, Lani is not dropping any legendaries, even though she was before!

It seems a few of the named enemies like her arent dropping as often anymore. I was farming Unleash the Dragon for my brother and El Dragon only dropped a legendary every like 3-4 kills. Dedicated drops arent so dedicated anymore it seems.

Eventually acquired some Roots from Lani. I think quite certainly a major decrease in the number of other legendaries dropped in general, many rounds with no legendaries at all, whereas previously there would be one per round… so many cutsmans… (In a sense, perhaps the Root drop is more “dedicated”… Since the others are not dropping.)

I actually got a Root when helping my friend beat the Ruiner.

Laser wins by a landslide… Just did 10 runs on each for comparison. Laser and friends dropped 28 Leg’s… 6 of those were Lightshows, a Harold, 2 Flippers and more. Lani dropped 3 Leg’s. A Rectifier, Facepuncher and a Root. Seems a bit off. Small sample I know but…

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A bit more… a lot better. 20 more runs on Lani. 9 Roots… a few nice anoints. Toilets giving up Leg’s as well. Not so bad.