Complex Root not doing the damage seen in videos

Is there a trick to using it? I have the highest damage version, am using Fl4k with the hunter/stalker skill trees, a shield/relic combo that increases the relevant elemental damage, and a class mod that boosts sniper damage. This closely mimics what I see on YouTube videos covering this weapon but when I use it in the game it does decent damage but not nearly as much as I see in these videos. What could I be doing wrong? Do the mayhem 10 modifiers need to be the ones that boost gun and critical damage?

The gun is far better on Amara and Moze. Amara due to Indiscriminate skill and all the ASE anointments gets extra projectiles etc. On moze, since she has a bunch of splash damage bonuses the gun will literally make a giant explosion that is so big it will kill her quite often.

I haven’t tried that gun on Flak, but in my experience using it it works best for Moze and Amara. I think most of the videos showing crazy damage with it were run on Amara from what I’ve seen

Also, you have to be pretty close to the enemy. The main damaging component is the geometric light that appears after you shoot it and that has a limited range

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Thanks for the reply. I do usually see Amara being used in those videos but I’ve seen at least two of them with Fl4k and they still do crazy amounts of damage. I’m currently leveling up a Moze character so I’ll see how that goes but I’m still a little jealous of what I see in those Fl4k videos.

Yea, could also be the anointment on the gun. I don’t play Flak much, I just leveled him up to 60 and will be messing around tonight. I’ll see if I can get any good results outta the root and will let you know haha

I got one with the 200% damage during action skill anointment. Seems like it should be a pretty solid one.

Could also be guardian rank…

So I tried it on a Fade away Flak, mayhem 10. Stackbot and pearl etc. Can take out Traunt in about 4-5 shots. Anoint is ASE 100% cryo.

But I also have about 500 points into guardian rank

I haven’t tried it against Traunt. Gravewarden was the most common boss used in the videos. Takes me way more shots than they used. My guardian rank is only 177.

Those guardian perks are quite powerful. I have around 500 points an my damage stats are all over at least 11%

i have a gamma burst one on my fl4k with Aom palm deathless with Area of Effect roll. it clears groups of mobs easily. And this thing kills me frequently across the whole screen all the time, it’s nuts.

Could also be passives on class mods and relics? Weapon type damage, splash, crit, etc can really tip the balance too, and they don’t always show them on YT videos.

I put a single round into a Ravenous Scourge and popped it for 1mil, oddly enough there was no secondary effect, happens sometimes. Playing Minesweeper Moze DM BM trees

Epicenter 25% on throw
It was a Skag Den round ^.^ among other things

That Root’s cryo/fire by the by.

I’m running Moze and have a corrosive and non-elemental version of it and haven’t suffered the damage seen in some of these vids.

I’m playing Zane and I don’t see the weapon being very effective. I watched some videos and it looks to be monstrous in those. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong but It does hit for big damage or blow back on me for any damage (barrier likely stops that).

That weapon sucks on fl4k trust me i switched over to amara after clearing dlc 3 with fl4k and boom root is a beast on amara some guns dont work well with fl4k.

I’m glad I’m not the only one, then.

Ase other elements. Shoot the rainbow.

I find a lot of you tubers make guns look way more powerful than they are. They all have perfect load outs, and most regular users can’t farm or get gifted god roll stuff.


So I finally got to try it with my Moze character and…yeah. The damage is amazing when I’m not blowing myself up. Using a Transformer shield and a shock variant seems to help with that problem.