Comprehensive guide to The Saboteur (Advanced)

Hello ladies and gentlemen, I heard that a lot of people are having trouble with the Saboteur, the 7th story mission, even on normal so I thought I’d write up how I did it solo(twice, my steam disconnected the first time after the boss -_-’)

ISIC. I picked him for few reasons. First of all his damage, bursting down the verelsi coming is key to this, other characters can work like Oscar Mike or Whiskey Foxtrot if you’re a good shot and know how to survive - which is the second reason I took him.

Doesn’t matter that much but I went with skill damage blue, attack speed blue and a health regen/attack damage purple, total cost of about 2.5k shards which aren’t a big issue in this mission.

Doesn’t matter so much to be honest. The key ones are the bonus shield on 3, stun on dash on 4, ward strength on 6, damage bonus to his primary if you have the mutation(on 7 I believe) and most importantly It’s Raining Death! :smiley: on 10 which increases your ultimate’s damage. Dash range is also useful for getting around faster in the last part.

The strategy:
First of all, the main part is the 3rd defense point but I’ll briefly go over the previous ones.
On the first one you should be level 2, have 1 piece of gear and build 1 thumper turret, doesn’t matter which side. Just make sure the explosive thralls don’t get too close and attack the ranged guys once or twice to get their attention if there’s more then 1, though your turret should get their attention too. Watch out for the back, there’s usually 1-2 enemies that spawn there in the fight.
Second defense point is even easier to be honest since you have your ultimate, should have all pieces of gear and you can just stand in one place and see the whole room. Build the 2 turrets and if you collected all shard(the explosives barrels give a lot so break all and they don’t do damage to you so don’t worry about that)you should have over 2k shards left over. You can probably get by without the turrets but I wouldn’t risk it. Basically keep your ultimate the whole time, focus ranged, when the boss spawns just nuke him and he won’t have time to summon any adds.
Between the fights it doesn’t matter if you lose any lives etc. since you should have over 50k points whatever you do which means at least a silver medal, just try to collect all pickups and chests, look around and take your time.

Now! Here’s the hard part, the 3rd defense point. Basically after clearing the room and collecting all the shards you should have ~5k shards at that point(there are barrels at the highest level that you get to via elevator on the west/north side of the room or the jump pad on the east/south. Most importantly build both thumper turrets, they do a lot of work and kill most of the melee guys. Right in front of the point build a temporal trap(simply because a fire trap there doesn’t aggro the melee ones most of the time) - the rest should be just fire traps. Get yourself a drone if you can afford it but honestly it dies pretty quick and doesn’t do much, your best bet would probably be the temporal/assault drone. After all that you should still have about 1.5-2k shards which you’ll use to fix the traps if they die(their main purpose is to draw enemy fire and they can die fast).
Now here’s what you do when you actually start and this is the important part. DO NOT just stay in the turret mode because some enemies will spawn outside your line of sight and will destroy the point quickly. The ranged enemies tend to stay where they spawned and just shoot which is one of the causes for people failing, especially that the room is huge and has lots of nooks and crannies without a good perch to have vision of all the spawn points. You use your ultimate when you need to burst down a target, usually when there’s two or more big guys in sight.
Look at the minimap, your priority targets are the bigger enemies which have a bigger indicator on the map. The ranged ones especially. You can mostly ignore the melee unless you see some getting close, if they do they destroy it FAST so you need to pay attention constantly.
For the most important targets:

  • varelsi channeler, they have a ranged attack that hits multiple targets and almost always get some hits on the point - also they are suiqshy so you can kill them quick even without turret stance. Honestly those guys are the reason why this mission fails so often, at least from my perspective
  • varelsi defiler, pretty similar but don’t get too close since they do have that annoying AoE attack that stuns you multiple times and can kill you if you’re low enough
  • varelsi veil walker or whatever they are called, man those are the real c***ts here since they can go invulnerable and they have similar attacks to the ones mentioned above + shield making them way tankier
  • thrall brutes/gunners, they latter ones don’t do that much damage but they can be in ridiculous places(the highest point in the map for example) but the former ones usually come in from the side so they are in plain view when they finally decide to jump up to the platform
  • thrall suicide whatever, just try to kill them away if any show up at all. If they get close, shoot them once to get their attention and draw them away, not even far the explosion is small but does a lot of damage
  • varelsi alphas and wardens, they have a long range mortar thing but they don’t use it that often and die pretty easily
  • all the rest of the melee, you mostly just have to aggro them so they don’t go for the point and the small ones die from one charged shot. If you see any get real close kill the asap.

Few tips:
If you can’t kill a target fast use your dash to stun them. Also dash upwards if you see an enemy on the ledge(on the map). If you see some big enemies to the west of the point but can’t pinpoint them - they are probably under the platform where they can’t do anything but will jump up right next to the point so be wary of that but don’t jump down to chase them. Honestly you should be killing the enemies so fast you shouldn’t be taking that much damage but if you die it’s most likely over at that point. Don’t worry that the point took some damage, if you finished the first wave with above 60% you can still easily do it. It all depends on some luck with the spawns and how on point with bursting down enemies you are. Rebuild the traps if you have the money, most likely the northern one and the central(if it’s temporal) one will die the most. Focus on the enemies closer to the point but keep your eye on the north-eastern door(just before the entrance to the closed of building with the chest and the turret spot) that is where most veil walkers and gunner spawn and they usually just stay there and shoot stuff. They should aggro to the fire trap but will kill it fast if they are left alone.

Boss itself is a joke, stay relatively close with turret mode, shoot the minions when he shields. The only damage you should take is when he breaks his shield and knocks you back a bit but he does that twice and that shouldn’t kill ISIC(this happens either after he summons the 2nd or 3rd wave of skulks)

Other than that all I can say is good luck, if you got any questions I will be glad to answer also feel free to point out any mistakes or anything I left out, I wrote this at 4am. I honestly think this mission should be slightly nerfed, either the damage taken by the point or just make them come closer before opening fire and the fact that defilers attack both you and the point at the same time and since more people=more mobs there usually is too many to handle. Even just making it clearer as to what attacks the point itself, it took me about 6-7 tries to actually finish this mission and only after the 4th I was aware of all the damage the enemies are doing.

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Thank you very much for the guide!!

Just completed it first time on solo Advanced - was trying with different amounts of people trying to get this mission done with on advanced for Ghalt - but finally completed it with a silver medal! Thank you!! :smiley:

How much score do you need to get silver at least on advanced? On this mission.

Thank you tho

How much score do you need to get silver at least on advanced?

is not impossible :grinning: