Comprehensive List of B3 Bugs Experienced on PC (Base Game + Bloody Harvest)

  1. Inventory/Shop weapon icons will double up or stay the same after selling something. So I could be looking at a Grenade but it will show the icon of a Gun that was in the space right before I sold it once it moves into the slot.

  2. Labeling trash and star is removed when entering a shop which requires me to manually sell everything anyway. This only started happening after the 9/26 update though friends of mine have had this bug since launch.

  3. Reloading and shooting will get disabled randomly during the game in campaign, circles, proving grounds, or boss fights. No discernable pattern so far. Happens with numerous weapons and in all four slots. This has been a problem since launch.

  4. Game occasionally completely freezes in inventory when trying to change weapons. In some instances the game just completey crashes. This is both within and outside of combat.

  5. Amara’s tattoos don’t reflect the correct color of her elemental choice, both for myself or players looking at me.

  6. After the 9/26 update, when looking through inventory from store front, my backpack won’t show everything I have in it, which doesn’t allow me to compare or sell items. I’ll need to back out and reenter to be able to see anything.

  7. Upon selling an item instead of staying where I just sold my item in my backpack I am sent all the way back to the top of my backpack and need to scroll back down to where I was.

  8. Keep getting this error message which I took the link to the Epic Game Store website which states: this happens every now and then when my Borderlands 3 game session crashes
    PI-UBI-02: 101000: Your game activation was not successful.Please check out this FAQ for assistance.

If you receive the PI-UBI-02 error code when trying to access any Ubisoft title, please consider the following:
• Restart your machine and try to access the game again.
• Ensure you are not using a VPN.
• Ensure you do not already own the game from Uplay.
If you continue to see the error, or if you already own the game from Uplay, please click CONTACT US for assistance.
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  1. Looking at the most bottom row in the bank doesn’t let me see item stats at all. I can see the icons in the row but cannot hover over them.

  2. Fight for life bar disssapears for me and friends trying to rez me during tyreen fight on Normal MH3.

  3. Masterwork Crossbow stats disappear near One Punch Chump area in Lectra City when comparing two of them on the ground or in inventory.

  4. Dropping items in Heck Hole//Bloody Harvest doesn’t trigger any audio sound like in normal map areas.

  5. Quest: Bloody Harvest: The Rebloodening quest tracker has a “x0” underneath the 0/25 hecktoplasm tracking.

Additionally, there is a hovering text when turning in the quest to Maurice “x0 Give,” however there are no keybind indicator for the turn in (ie. E button) - this happens only in coop games when playing w/ friends.

  1. “x0” text shows up when interacting with Heck Hole portal

  2. Captain Haunt fight, occasionally I cannot kill skulls that he spawns, bullets simply pass through them and don’t connect to any hit box. Also occasionally after the fight, shooting haunted vases doesn’t spawn skulls, although the animation gets triggered.

  3. Moze’s grenades don’t Crit or Regen shields in coop in Heck in Bloody Harvest.

  4. When entering Heck Hole or transitioning to the Captain Haunt battle always make me face the ground when starting the instance, instead of facing forward like I was when entering the instance.

  5. During The Great Vault Story Mission - when attacking Rachael the Annointed (Cathedral of Twin Gods ), Amara’s Action Skill UI bar disappears.

  6. Smoke effects on Sanctuary 3 stutter/flicker while character is sprinting.

  7. When Ratch evolve like Varkids they only have a Level # as their enemy name.