Comprehensive list of skins?

I’m getting pretty tired of buying Eldrid loot packs for Mellka skins and getting healing power and healing recieved items. I have only managed to get one extra skin for Mellka, but I don’t want to keep buying packs if that’s the only tier 1 skin available for her. Why has GBX not at least given us a statement regarding how many skins per character there per tier so we’re not wasting hard earned credits on packs for items that might not even exist???

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We shouldn’t be wasting our Hard Earned Credits on Loot Packs but on… uh… uh… Wait… Is there anything else?

I buy the packs specifically for skins and taunts. There are better quality loot packs available, you can purchase bank slots, and you can purchase extra loadouts :expressionless:

There are three extra skins (So far) for every character and some seem to be more common than others though this may be untrue and just reflect my experience.
In order from what I believe to be most common to least:

  • Yellow and purple
  • White
  • Purple and blue (Looks similar to level 11 skin)

There are gold skins for every character as well but we’ve only seen nine so far.

Each character also has two unique taunts that can be acquired from faction specific loot packs.


I’m pretty sure they’ll add more color schemes soon
What I’d like to see is Faction Commander loot packs available for purchase in-game