[Concept] Weapon bench for BL3

Hi there.

I’m making a 2D roguelike and I’m planning on using a loot recycling system that could work very well in Borderlands.

TPS introduced the Grinder as a way to recycle gear. It’s a nice way to get some legendary weapons but does not answer a specific late game issue: the hunt for the perfect weapon.

Depending on your style of play/build you might not only be looking for a specific legendary/unique but for specific parts as well (practicable slowhand, DP harold, bladed slag rubi, inflamable thumper, barrel3 fiber, flying sandhawk, etc…)
Not only does this take a LOT of time, but some of these weapons are quest rewards that are not easily farmed (you have to alt-F4 or alt-tab to replace your save with a backup, etc…). It makes the farming for ideal gear nigh impossible.

Introducing the WEAPON BENCH !

The bench is the solution to this problem. It does not replace the Grinder, but gives you an other way to recycle gear you don’t need and can provide a good reason to go mobbing instead of having the end-game be running between raid areas.

Here’s a concept view of the UI:

What does it do?

The Bench takes a specific weapon that you want to modify. You can then sacrifice some gear to change specific parts of this weapon, depending on the slot you placed them in.

In the example above we have a Fire Maliwan SMG (purple). By sacrificing 3 other SMGs we changed it’s element, stock and grip.


  • You need to sacrifice an item of same rarity or 1 level lower (blue or purple for a purple item).
  • You can’t replace the body or special parts (red text/legendary parts)
  • It costs 5 Eridium (or whatever currency the game has) to sacrifice a white item, 10 for green, 15 for blue, etc…
  • the sacrificed items must be of the same type (shotgun for shotguns, pistols for pistols, etc…)
  • the level of the final item is an average of the level of the main item and the level of all the sacrificed items.
  • (optional) you can create unusual combinations, like explosive snipers, elemental Jackobs, etc… Possibly making the weapon unstable?

What does it mean?

You can get your Practicable CC by sacrificing 4 shotguns and paying 50 Eridium if you start with a white shotgun with a vertical grip attachment.

You can keep your legendary/quest reward on level by sacrificing enough weapons (averaging the levels). No need to wait until max level to pickup that quest.

You can switch the element of your weapon before hand if you’re expecting special enemy types (specific zones or raids). No need for a hail/sand hawk/pimpernel or each element type. Just spend 3 Eridum and find a Rifle/SMG/Sniper or the right element to sacrifice. Again, making mobing and finding green/blue items in chests more valuable.

You can fine tune your gear to your charcater/playstyle, making sure you have +crit for sniping or +magazine size for Tediore chucking etc…

You can optimize your gear for end-game raiding, getting the max stats on your roid shield, weapon etc…

Works as a currency/loot sink, maintaining your interest in the basic game loop a bit longer.

Some details might need more thinking (type of items you can modify, pricing, etc…), but I’d like to know what you think.

Edit1: Increased the price of sacrifice to 5/10/15/20/25, doubled size of illustration.


I like it. I think the prices are way too low, but the idea is sound. Farming for that perfect weapon was one of the things many people did in BL 2, so having an option to guarantee a particular combination would be nice. :smile:

I was thinking like the bench from Dead Space lol but could be a idea, something to spin the game in New direction, but they’ll need a crap load of new legendary fun’s, so you cannt just grind them all that’s what kinda what killed tps for me, lack of farmable bosses and just grounded till I got what I wanted

Has my vote, especially if it looks as pixelly as those.

I’m not sure BL3 will switch to pixel art ^^. I need some training for my game though, as I don’t have money to pay a proper pixel artist and asking people to work for free is bad.

I’m still leveling all my char to 72 (still missing maya, sal and zero), but when it’s done I might playtest this (using gibbed to simulate the bench) and see how balanced this is. Feel free to do the same and post your feedback guys.

personally i want full crafting were you can take weapons and items apart and re use all the parts. each part would have its own level and rarity tier. you could have a weapons made from different level and tier parts.
however you could add a upgrade system were you pay Eridium to upgrade parts. also having the ability to buy trade sell parts.
this way each drop would be interesting since every weapon/item could contain a useful part.

I actually made an account for the forum just to suggest this very thing. One part in particular that is annoying from gameplay is if the gun drops with a sight you don’t like. Everyone has preferences, myself I like most guns to have torgue sights if possible, but often it isn’t, or the gun just doesn’t often drop with it. With legs this is especially annoying, considering the much lower drop rate on some legs.
A way to alter your guns by sacrificing similar quality weapons for parts, would be a dream come true for BL3.

I realize the save editor allows you to fully customize weapons and their parts (my friend uses it a lot), I prefer to play wholly legit. But with some of the drop rates on legs, with all the potential part combinations, some days the editor is much more tempting.

Would love to have gear modding be a legit quality in the game, with of course some sacrifice necessary as cost.

Yeah, I also made an account just for to post this ^^. It’s quite hard for legit players to get the gear they need for some builds. I farmed hours to get an inflammable Love Thumper at 61, but I quit using my melee Zero because I don’t want to go through all this again to get a good LT and Hide of Terra at 72 + OP levels.