Concept weapons, fan art of BL2

If u have any type of borderlands related drawings, please post 'em. Also preferably guns.

We have an entire sub-category in the BL2 section dedicated to just this thing. Ive moved your thread there.
Feel free to browse this section. Lots of badass creations.

An example of the things here - You might like this Maliwan SMG a talented fellow built :

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I made some nice fanarts during the years, I posted them in another topic
-> Torgue vs Shark and other Madness - My Fanarts
Also I crafted alot of props and miniatures :smile:
Mini Infinitiy

Mini Bitch

Mini Norfleet

Lifesize Aspis


These are awesome! I like the Norfleet the most, the only time i can apply the word cute to a Gigantic Rocket launcher. Also i mean concept drawing, but this is just good.

My ideas don’t translate well from thought to paper, but I was thinking about a pic I linked earlier: Every post must have a picture thread
An idea for a similar but equally good/powerful pic would be all the Hunters at the wall, remembering Roland. What I got in mind so far:

  • Brick with head bowed
  • Tina on his shoulders
  • Maya consoling Gaige
  • Mordecai raising a bottle [=toast]
  • Lilith fist-bumping Roland
  • Zero, cross-legged on a box
  • (Nothing for Krieg and Sal…yet.)