Concern about dlc

Can i ask some question about DLC ? couse i have problem with my ps vita . i played BDL2 but my DLC is no DLC3 and DLC4 how can i get that DLC for free. thank you for your reply.

BL2 on the Vita doesn’t have any DLC but the one already included (Psycho, Mechromancer, DLC1&2, UVHUpgrade Pack 1 and Collector’s Edition bonus) and that will likely not change either.

oh! thanks for the info. i have no choice . :smiley:

Moved, as this isn’t news.

So confused.

Can we call DLC1 and 2 what they are? Is he talking about the pirate DLC and Torgues?

Yes, DLC1 to 4 refer to the big story DLCs while HH1 to 5 of course refer to the Head Hunter Packs.